We visited Ocean Point, Maine this past week…and we are forever changed!

Our last visit was in 2010, and that was a stay at the Crown Point Inn at Southwest Harbor…where the Stephen King Movie, ‘The storm of the Century,’ was filmed.

I have enjoyed a fascinating journey from fundamentalist christianity, in my youth, to an inclusive christianity that believes that God loves all humanity.

Aaron on the rocks!

Jazz has been my favorite music since the late 1990’s. We visited Portland, Oregon and I was taken away with the spontaneity of Jazz and it’s subsequent creativity!

Maine has a way of making me think big! It causes me to consider how I might reach out to help my fellow travelers!

I have loved Jazz music since the late 1990’s for it’s ultimate variations! Many inspirations come in the moment and are similar to the musical inspiration of Jazz!

I believed that there is a mystical and magical connection with our creator and the universe that can not be discounted or explained!

This blog shall be devoted to fictional writing that is loosely based on my life experinences, at times, and shall explore several realms of possibilities for our human family and it’s future.

I have been told that I was a good writer since I was a child. I am humbled by the lovely compliment and not at all sure that it is, remotely, correct. I can not think of anything that I enjoy more than writing! Please join me in this journey into what could be…if we just expand our thinking!


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