The Lady and The Tramp…and Billy Bump!

‘Billy, would you like to go to the theatre and see the new Disney Movie, ‘Lady and The Tramp,’ said Jane?  It was October 24, 1961 and Billy Bump was four years old and John F. Kennedy was the new President of the United States of America!

Billy heard his mom and dad excitedly speaking about JFK…and he thought the this might be the new President?  They believed that he was a breath of fresh of air and the now the country was going to move ahead.  JFK had extolled the nation to, ‘ask not what your country can do for you…but ask what you can do for your country!’


Lady had its’ world premiere, in 1955, in Chicago…but it was still playing when Billy Bump and Danny and Paulie and Steve and Susie and their mom, Ivy, attended on October 24th…Billy’s 4th Birthday!


Billy could not believe all of the hustle and bustle of the Chicago street that the Biography Theatre was on!  The, brilliant, lights of the theatre illuminated the marquee announcing to the world that, ‘Lady And The Tramp,’ was being shown!


When Billy sat down on the plush theatre chair and the lights went down and the cartoon before the movie, came up, he was in heaven!  There were Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse in all of their, hand drawn, animated splendor!

Then, the feature began.  Billy looked down the row of friends and mom and Ivy and mom smiled back at him with that wide eyed expression that she had, had when he asked her if there really was a devil and she had replied, ‘what if I am the ‘Old Hang?’  Billy had burst into tears and mom had apologized to him…but, nevertheless, there was the same, spooky, look!

About the time of Tramp reminding Lady, ‘that when a baby moves in a dog moves out,’ Billy was in the movie!


Billy was a Brown Boston Terrier, called Wallace T.  Now when the Italian Restaurant scene began and Lady and the Tramp were eating the, mutual strand, of spaghetti…just before their lips met, Wallace appeared between them and bit the strand in half…causing them both to kiss him!

‘Billy…Billy…Billy,’ said Jane as she shook gently shook him.  Suddenly he realized that he had dozed off and was still in the plush seat and he got another fist full, four year old size, of popcorn…and Susie held him on her lap.


Billy thought of JFK and Wallace T. and the excitement of the Theatre and…Lady!


Note: Photos of  Lady and the Tramp and JFK are courtesy of Google.


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