Enthusiasm Makes The Difference!

We visited Bath, Maine at the end of May, and we met some enthusiastic Mainers!

We first stopped in at a lovely little store that had a plethora of items created in Maine.  They had the most comfortable bar stools that I have ever sat on…and there was no bar…or beer!  They also had an assortment of long narrow paintings of ocean scenes from Maine that were both intriguing and which fit nicely above a doorway.


But, what made this store in Bath so special was the wonderful woman who waited on us!  Her excitement and energy and total buy-in to the items that she was showing us and her demonstrated love for Maine…was compelling!  If you entered the store with no particular desire to purchase something, this resident of Maine would have you wanting to participate in the Maine experience before you left her establishment.


While we in the wonderful Maine Emporium our friendly personal shopper told us about the first Brewery that had ever been in Bath being recently opened across the street.  We determined that after we had finished traversing the shops and bookstores and art galleries on the right side of the street, that we would return on the left side and stop in the new brewery!

Shortly after entering a art gallery a gentleman came in that had the most wonderful Maine accent that I had heard.  He was distributing placards advertising summer events that were up-coming in Bath…and he was dedicated and excited about performing his job in a professional manner!


Soon we found ourselves in the first brewery of Bath!  The young woman who greeted us and seated us and waited on us appeared to be totally immersed in her job!  Such was her enthusiasm that if she had told us that she was the owner, I would have believed it!  She explained the various beers that were being offered and brought us samples of some to ensure our sampling delight.  She also suggested different areas and locales, in Maine, that we would enjoy visiting.  Our Brewmaster/Host made our visit to her Brewery enjoyable and memorable!


The night that we arrived at Ocean Point View in Boothbay, Maine, we checked in with a woman who appeared to know every nuance of the ocean view cottages and cabins.  This woman lived and breathed Ocean Point View…and her enthusiasm was contagious!


All to often we think that if we are not the CEO of the company that we work for…it is someone else problem.  How often have you heard the statement, ‘that is above my pay grade!’

I spent my career working in housekeeping at Southern Illinois University @ Carbondale, Illinois.  From the evening of October 10, 1978, my first day of employment, until today SIUC is my University!  I had the honor of working alongside of Building Services staff and Grounds staff and many members of the civil service community that loved their University!


When a student needed assistance a person was there to help them and assist them and find the answers that they needed at the University that they had dedicated their lives to, and that person was a member of the civil service staff!

Buy-in…how about total immersion in the success of their school…that is why the enthusiasm of Maine made me so happy and content and enthused…it made me think of my SIUC!


Note: Some photos of Bath, Maine are courtesy of Google.


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