The Dinner

‘Hurry Jose, it is almost time for our guests,’ said Juanita!

‘I am ready accept for putting on my shoes,’ replied Jose.

‘Jose, when you are finished putting on your shoes please check on the beef tartar and the asparagus, asked Juanita?

‘Raul and Esmerelda, please set the table and open the front and back doors to the great hall so that we will have a good flow of cool air for our dinner, said Jose.’

Juanita  thought of how much she liked Pam and Clark.  They were both such sweet and kind people!  Pam was always helping with school functions and Clark coached the little league baseball team that both Raul and Esmerelda were on.  Suddenly there was a knock on the door of the parlor and when Juanita opened it and there was her order of fresh Maine lobster that she had overnighted, at some significant expense, in order for her guests to enjoy some true surf and turf!


The sun was setting in all of it’s magnificent splendor, over the Franklin Mountains.  The evening sky was resplendent with various hues of red and purple and orange!


Clark stuck the small holster of his hand gun in the back of his pants and placed the Glock within it.  He draped his loose fitting Hawaiian shirt over the top of it and it was indeed, conceal and carry.  Pam asked him why he felt the need to carry his Glock tonight when all they were doing was going to their friends house for dinner?

Clark replied that he had not felt safe since the collapse of the stock market in 2019.

‘Is Abigail ready to go,’ asked Clark?

‘She has been in the shower for twenty minutes…I will go upstairs and check on her, replied Pam.’

‘I will be out in a minute, Mother,’ yelled Abigail!

‘Let’s take our Monopoly Game’, Pam said in a pleading voice?’

‘I would prefer that we take Stratego, Clark said quietly.’

The thirty-minute car ride to Jose and Juanita’s was uneventful and the streets were unusually quiet.  Clark enjoyed listening to MSNBC and turned the dial to it’s location.

The satellite radio was a full of static but he thought that he heard that Illinois was g—, and he looked at Pam and asked her if she had heard what he thought that he had heard?  Pam said that all she heard was Illinois and the letter ‘g’.

grayscale photo of explosion on the beach
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When Pam and Clark drove up the long brick driveway of Jose and Juanita their heart’s were warmed by the image of their friends standing in the doorway of the great hall and waving to them as they pulled their Mercedes to a stop.

Out ran Esmerelda and Raul to greet Abigail and they hugged each other with a childlike glee!


As the adults sat in the parlor Juanita took drink orders.  ‘I will have a Dirty Martini with vodka straight-up, intoned Clark.’

‘A Negroni for me,’ Pam said with a smile.

For Jose and Juanita it was their usual gin and tonic.

‘Clark, do you miss Carbondale, Illinois,’ asked Juanita?


‘You know…I do…I miss the peaceful campus of Southern Illinois University @ Carbondale.  There was such a serenity and beauty to the surroundings with two woods on campus and the Shawnee National Forest just a few miles down the road.  Many nights we walked to dinner at the Chicago Underground restaurant that was adjacent to the campus and the small city of Carbondale had a college culture and vibe that was conducive to a happy lifestyle,’ said Clark in a voice that was reminiscent of the white middle class of the 1950’s.

IMG_4675 3

‘While Clark taught psychology, I taught history, and we both looked on with a quizzical wonder and some unabashed humor at the daily mistakes and lies of the president of our country,’ Pam sighed.

‘I recall thinking that no matter what happens in one or two terms of a presidential administration…it will be repaired by succeeding presidents!  Why…it always had in the past and our Constitution was too strong to be hijacked by a rueful clown, Clark whispered.

‘In 2025 we were both asked to join president Obama, who had by a change in the Constitution been granted another two terms of office, to come to Washington to attempt to bail water out of the sinking ship of state,’…but it was too late…said Pam.

Obama had put out a clarion call for the brightest and best from academia to work in a think tank of ideas on how to survive as a country!

‘For a time, a couple of years, it appeared that things were improving.’  ‘People of good-will were uniting from across the nation…until the dirty bomb was set off in Manhattan…and things only worsened from that point,’  Clark said slowly…with tears in his eyes.

When the president went missing…all hope for change…was lost!

Juanita told Pam that she had missed her at church this past Sunday.  Whereupon Pam replied that she had been attempting to contact her mom in Chicago…but were not successful.  The telephone system had been in disarray since the presidential election in 2020.  Land lines were all but nonexistent and cell phones were reminiscent of the old television commercials that had the tag-line, ‘can you hear me now?’

‘Well…tonight we have a special treat for our friends,’ said Jose with a sly grin.

‘I know what it is mama…the Maine lobsters, Esmerelda shouted!’

‘I think that it must be the beef tartar,’ Raul exclaimed with a laugh!’

‘I would be happy if my I Phone would start working, ‘Abigail bemoaned!

Jose said that the police had visited him at his office a Ford Motor Company and had asked him what information that he could assist them with regarding United States illegal aliens.  He told them that he did not know any U.S. illegals but that he was good friends with some wonderful expatriates of the United States that had immigrated to Mexico after the Great War.

Pam said, ‘Clark went to the immigration office and displayed all of his and the families papers that proved that they were legally displaced refugees of the nuclear holocaust that had happened in the United States in 2027.

After the obliteration of much of the west coast and New York city and Washington, fear gripped the hearts of people across the country!  The scientific data regarding radiation was that the half life of terminal danger to humans was 80 years.  Although Clark and Pam had both been in the President’s administration…little help had been available to them after the bombs fell!

Juanita looked up and there were several police officers standing in the great hall.  They commanded Clark and Pam to stand up and place their hands behind their back.  One of he burly officers grabbed Abigail and threw her against the wall!  Her forehead began to bleed profusely!

Clark reached for his Glock and pointed it at the officer that had hurt his daughter!

Three other Mexican police aimed their long guns at Clark and shot him dead!

Pam and Abigail were taken into custody and placed in cages in an Illegal Alien Detention Center in Juarez, Mexico.




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