The Harley Arrives In El Dorado!

So, late Sunday night the Chicago Harley Davidson arrived in Beulah Heights in the little town of El Dorado.  Billy Bump had been riding for over 300 miles between his mon and dad and his butt was sore and he was cold.

There was grandma Erskine at the door and Bema alongside her saying, ‘Is that Jane and Junior…where is little Billy at…I hope that he did not fall off of the motorcycle?’

After a few pleasantries, and a cold mug of milk,  Billy’s grandma made his bed on the living room couch with Narky eyeing him from an upholstered chair that abutted the makeshift bed.  Billy remembered the days when they visited grandma Erskine that she called her little rat terrier, Nugett, but suddenly he had been transformed into Narky!

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Now Narky was a mean little shit!  He did not like Billy one little bit!  He enjoyed illustrating to Billy his profound distaste for him by bearing his long sharp teeth in an almost constant snarl.  Narky was getting older and he suffered from arthritis and he could not see well due to cataracts and he…did not like change!  Billy and Jane and Jefferson…represented change!

Grandma had a very small bathroom that you had to go through the guest bedroom to get to.  Mom and dad were sleeping in the guest bedroom feather bed.  The middle of the bed was sunk down to almost the floor, which was the nature of feather beds, and Billy could see little more of them than their arms extended out of the crack!

The tiny rest room could be accessed by two doors adjoining the two bedrooms, one being Bema’s and the other being the room with the feather bed.  When Billy entered the room he feared that either mom or dad would come in on him while he was engaged in his oblations or worse…aunt Bema…who was a cross for him to bear!

He wished that he had not gotten up to use the facilities but the cold milk in the porcelain cup had caused him to have to pee!  As he made his way back to his couch/bed…he stubbed his toe on the two chairs that grandma had placed against the couch to assure that he did not roll out into the floor.  As he moved the chairs, in the dark, he alighted directly on Narky who answered with a growl and a hurtful nip on his big toe!

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Billy cried out in pain and Narky answered with many barks and growls!  The lights all came on and here came Bema with a scowl and hollering,’ what is going on and what is all of the ruckus and I need my sleep!’

Mom and dad were valiantly attempting to extricate themselves from the feather bed…but mostly were announcing that they needed help and that they were trapped!

Grandma Erskine was fast asleep in her little bedroom on the back porch and new nothing of the festivities!

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