I Don’t Think That I Can Do It?

So, Billy Bump had wanted desperately to be a foreman in his housekeeping career.  He had began a a janitor and had, through hard work, ascended to a crew leader or what was called a Building Custodian.  Billy reveled in the stable and secure job, with benefits, that he had attained with the university and he was gobsmacked and grateful…and he worried that it would end suddenly…just like it had began!


The assistant director of the physical plant had been coming to his building to speak with him as to whether he would like to become a foreman, which would oversee several positions and crews like the one that Billy currently worked with…or would he like to be the training officer for the entire department?  Dale was a pleasant man and he spoke of his christian faith and a place of mutual interest for Billy and he…Disney World in Orlando, Florida.  Billy had taken his young family to Disney World for a January vacation and they had enjoyed it immensely!  They had also visited Myrtle Beach, Florida and had met the most delightful elderly couples from New York and New Jersey.  The upper east coaster that they met had been staying at the hotel, on the shores of Myrtle Beach throughout the months of January and February and even March.  They thoroughly enjoyed Billy and Jane’s young sons, David and Daniel.  The Bump boys were always cocked and ready to fire for excitement and adventure no matter what time of day it was!


The first morning that they were at the beach they explored outside.  It was thirty degrees with a 25 mile per hour wind!  They retreated to the indoor hotel pool.  David jumped into the cold pool and turned the most brilliant shade of blue!  As his teeth were chattering….he announced that it was not cold and that he loved it!  Daniel dove into the body of water and subsequently swam from one end of the pool to the other…under water!  He came up gasping on the far side of the challenge and announced for all the hear, ‘I forgot my water wings!’

IMG_0530 2.JPG

Billy leisurely discussed careers with the patriarchs of New York and was amazed how accepted that he was!  Magically age and location and education and position and no relevance to pleasant and productive human interaction!

Billy and Jane vowed that they would return the next winter…and they have yet to do so to this day!

IMG_0778 2.JPG

And, so, Dale asked Billy would he be willing to interview for the assistant superintendent position for Building Services?  Billy resounded that he would…and later regretted the assertion as he was offended by the negative interview.  After staying awake all night and counseling with Jane the next morning when she awakened at 6am….Billy took Jane’s counsel to refuse the position.

IMG_1730 2.JPG

Ray buzzed  Billy on his pager and he subsequently telephoned him.  Ray noted that Dale and he wanted to meet with him at McDonalds restaurant to discuss why he did not want to stand for the assistant superintendent position?  Billy said that he would meet with them but that his mind was made up and probably not subject to change.


Although Dale offered to buy Billy anything that he desired he chose nothing but a cup of coffee and Dale began his final offer.  When he concluded it was obvious to Billy that Ray wanted him to accept and out of respect to him and their long relationship he did.  Billy reflected as to what he had agreed to and that it was something that he had never considered and never desired.  He simply felt a need to serve and had great doubts as to whether he was up to the challenge!


Billy thought to himself the words the Jane had told him when he began as a Building Service Worker I…when she told him that God had told her that he would be managing the Building Services Department…one day!

IMG_3169 2


Billy Bump wondered…how that could be possible!


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