Mystery At The Fair

Carl and Billy B. walked out of Merlin’s tent wondering what type of tiny projector had been hooked up to the crystal ball where they had just watched the strangest, seemingly unrelated, events projected on?  The proper decision seemed to be to find Sam Malone’s Taffy stand and proceed to enjoy the best taffy east of the Mississippi river!

When they presented themselves in front of Sam he was singing his famous taffy making song: ‘Mama likes taffy and daddy likes taffy…and so does Dick and Jane…even Spot the dog like taffy!  So good….get it now….get it now!’

Sam would take massive rolls of fresh and soft taffy off of the roller with his his massive arms and hands and begin to throw the sweet confection high into the air and let it land on a large wooden table…whereupon he would turn it over and cast it into the air again…all the while singing his favorite song!

Carl’s eyes became wider, than usual, and he sipped his lemon shake-up vociferously!  Billy B was watching Carl more than he was watching Sam and suddenly he noticed what Carl was staring at.  Standing at the corner of the taffy stand was a cloaked figure with his face hidden.  He was holding a scythe in his right hand and his appearance was ominous and foreboding!  Billy B. looked away for a moment as governor Otto Kerner passed by with his entourage of assistants and aids and sycophants.  When he looked back the Grim Reaper…had vanished!


Carl said to Billy B., ‘He is here.’

Billy B. asked, ‘what do you think that it means?’

Carl replied, ‘someone is going to die!’

Billy B. said, ‘I hope that it is not us…let’s get out of this section of the fair and head for the time tunnel…quick!’

As the boys ran Carl tripped and dropped his box of chocolate taffy and it was strewn all over the ground.  Luckily each morsel was wrapped in wax paper…and the gathering of the sweet treats was easy and some DuQuoin dirt joined the confections in their cardboard box.

There was the time tunnel directly in front of them.  The metal walkway that served as the entrance was painted in a black and white spiral that produced the optical allusion of movement as they ran through the cylinder.  When they exited the far end of the tube they were standing on a busy street corner that was literally full of people.  It looked strangely similar to Billy B. and he thought that he had seen the street on T.V.?

Everywhere Carl and Billy B. looked they saw men wearing Stetson cowboy hats and they began to hear the most uproarious sound of cheering and clapping and mirth and merriment to such an extent that they wondered what was the focus of all of the excitement?


As they gazed at the tall buildings,  they were obviously in a city…and did not know how that they had gotten there, they saw the sun glint off of the muzzle of a rifle from a window on the sixth floor of a nearby building.  Like a steak of lightning Billy B. understood where they were and he exclaimed to Carl, ‘we have really traveled back in time and are standing in Dealy Plaza waiting for President Kennedy’s car to pass…we are going to witness his assassination!’


‘Come on Carl…lets run to the sixth floor of the Book Depository and see if we can distract Lee Harvey Oswald from pulling the trigger and murdering the President!’

As Carl and Billy B. ran up the steps Carl lagged behind and began to cough the cough of a person that was winded!  Billy B. ran on and burst into the dusty room and yelled for Lee to put down the gun!  Now Lee Harvey Oswald was so startled that he fell back on to his back and screamed out in pain!  At this same moment…Carl arrived and jumped on his chest…and you could hear his sternum crack!

‘Mr. President…Mr. President….Jackie…please look this way….Jackie….we love you!’  And the presidential limousine was on its way to lunch.


As Carl and Billy B. looked at each other in disbelief…they were back in the small theatre of the time tunnel exhibit at the Illinois State Fair.

As Jane and Demetrius and Billy B. and Carl walked back to the car after an unusual Labor Day evening at the fair…Demetrius mentioned that he had spent some time in a Democratic Political booth that was dedicated to the re-election of JFK!




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