Autumn Mysteries II

‘Why do we still look like we have our masks on, said Billy B. ?”

‘I do not understand what is happening,’ replied Carl as he gathered his monster paraphernalia.’

It seems that the peel of thunder and the lightening that had landed just fifty feet from he action…was no coincidence!

black and white photo of clocks
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The great creator had decided to be liberal with his creation.  He decided to not dot every I and cross ever T….but rather to see what he creation desired to experience from the sublime.

Life had already been a baker’s dozen for what was available from the menu!  It had been understood that there was a plethora of hijinks that were available from the human condition.

What about alternate realities?  How do you square several versions of you that are going about their lives in different dimensions?  How do you reconcile that the reality that you are experiencing…is not the reality that your alternate self is experiencing on Earth II?

Does your life experiences feel like a bit of the Matrix?  Do you feel that the words that come out of your mouth have been pre-written for you and that they are a part of a theatrical performance?

How reliable is your memory?  Does your brain add and delete important items as the years go by?  Are you certain of you 9/11 memories?  Do you understand that your brain may replace totally unrelated memories for an important event?

red human face monument on green grass field
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Why do we act as we do…why do we think as we do….why do we seek the results that we value as fair and equitable and consistent with our world view?

Our understanding of what awaits us….just beyond the veil of human life…is fantastic….and un-imaginable!

Are there a dozen Billy B.’s or are there a million?  Does Carl wear the Frankenstein monster in this life or does he wear it in 86% his other realities in alternate worlds?

Does deja vu mean a similarity in  occurrence in this world…or a signal that the atoms and molecules live in several realities….concurrently?

Billy B.and Carl sat at their desks in the second grade classroom of Mrs. Blackwell and wondered what they were going to do next…with the visages of Frankenstein and the Creature from the Black Lagoon!









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