Autumn Mysteries III

So, the weirdness of looking like Frankenstein and the Creature from the Black Lagoon…subsided…some!  Our classmates still wanted to have their pictures taken with us…especially Polaroids!  Our moms and dads did not seem to notice or care, as Carl’s dad, Carol, said…it is just a phase that they are going through.  And we got free movie tickets…every Friday night…to the Orpheum Theatre to see the weekly horror movie!


It was a bit more challenging taking a bath, as the poor kids in El Dorado did not have a shower, and the masks felt like real skin!  Billy B. and Carl both wondered if they were dreaming or if they had taken a side road into the Twilight Zone.

Carl’s dog, Tramp, did not like the the Frankenstein visage and repeatedly barked at Carl when he was home.  Billy B. was a bit of a comedian by nature and attempted to make a comedy routine out of the paranormal experience.  He performed at the church bazaar and the fireman’s chili supper and even at the Knights of Columbus Friday night Bingo.  One of Carl’s favorite lines was, ‘When I throw you into the lake…that means that I love you!’

Billy B. and Carl returned to the Strip Cut where the time warp had occurred.  The speculated as to why they not had the faces of two famous Hollywood Monsters?  Carl said that he had felt a tingling sensation when the thunder peeled and the lightning struck just a few feet away from he and Billy B.

Carl and Billy B.decided that they must have touched another world that was parallel to theirs and yet different in some occurrences.  They believed that if they returned to the spot of transformation that they would gain new understanding of what had transpired.

Lo and behold when Billy B. and Carl stood on the exact same spot that they had occupied when the transformation had occurred they saw the sun blackened and the full moon rise to it’s zenith.  Wolves began to mournfully how and foxes gathered around them with a doleful look in their eyes.  They each saw their lives pass before them in a moment…and they both wanted their mothers.  They saw the pain of their humanity and the promise of an alternate reality.  Their breath left them and they gasped for air and assurance of life continuing!


Carl and Billy B.woke up in a world of little monsters.  Decidedly  nice and not-threatening…but monsters…none the less!




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