Michael Meyers…Deflated

It was a dark and forbidding Saturday morning.  The clouds covered the sky like a quilt that grandma Askew had made for Billy Bump many years ago.  It was the last Saturday in September and it was ninety degrees in the shade!  Billy met his sons, David and Daniel, and they proceeded to the Student Center for Comic Con, which had been renamed Saluki Con.  This was volume #3 of the event…and Billy had attended all of them.

One of the most enjoyable elements of Saluki Con is watching all of the people, young and old alike, dressed in their various costumes of Star Trek characters and Star Wars names of renown, as well as famous horror figures such as; Freddy Kruger and Michael Meyers.


As Daniel and Billy waited for David they observed Cat Woman, who had aged gracefully, as well as Super Girl and Batman.  There was the most delightful Wall E who appeared to have just stepped out of the movie with his name as the title!


In walked Michael Meyers, brandishing a long knife, covered in blood, held in his right hand.


‘Micheal Meyers is a fictional character from the Halloween series of slasher films.  He first appears in John Carpenter’s Halloween (1978) as a young boy who murders his sister, Judith Meyers, and then fifteen years later, returns home to Haddonfield to murder more teenagers.  In the original Halloween, the adult Michael Meyers, referred to as The Shape in the closing credits, was portrayed by Nick Castle for most of the film, with Tony Moran and Tommy Lee Wallace substituting in the final scenes.’    Wikipedia

Michael was walking slowly and deliberately and with a sense of purpose and pride in  the notoriety that he had attained over the years in the Halloween Movie Series!  He turned not his head to the left or the right…but exuded the air of the Star among the throng of costumed horror aficionados!  It was a bit like watching the president enter the room!


Suddenly…a young woman who was working the front desk of the movie and television show extravaganza called out…’Michael Meyers….Michael Meyers,’ and he slowly turns his masked head.  The event authority figure motioned for him to return to the desk…which he did…slowly.  As she began to whisper in his ear…he bent the blade of his, rubber knife, backwards and forwards.  The boss…spoke to him some more…and he slowly placed his, faux, blood covered rubber knife in his back pocket and turned on his heel and commenced his deflated walk forward to the throngs of his adoring fans.

I commented to Daniel that Michael appeared deflated…whereupon he responded that he, really, looked the same….and the lady sitting next to us…laughed!

And, so, we entered the cornucopia of; vintage comic books and action figures and photo opportunities with R2D2 and others.  Along came Deadpool with two swords strapped on his back and a knife that was longer than what Michael Meyers had been forced to pocket, in his hand…and held in a menacing manner!

Michael Meyers, Upon seeing Deadpool with his three rubber weapons…he slowly shook his head with the frightening visage and pointed to Deadpool…and then to the woman who had made him put his knife in his pocket…..

Billy B. was a Star Trek fan dating back to the original series in the 1960’s.  He watched it weekly on his 12 inch screen black and white TV that he had received for a Christmas gift and kept in his bedroom.  Mr. Spock looked just a glorious on the small screen as he did on a massive 20 inch console color television!

David told him while they were siting in the Student Center Starbucks, that he was going to buy him a beer after the Saluki Con…and that he should purchase a Mr. Spock action figure…if he desired one!

Billy B. always wanted anything that was associated with the actor Leonard Nimoy’s depiction of Mr. Spock.  This was a fictional character that so impressed young Billy that he patterned his life, in some measure, to the vivid characterization of the logical half Vulcan and half human…Mr. Spock.  During many times of chaos or confusion Billy B., to this day, seeks the logical rationalization of the knotty problem that is before him!


Billy B. had attended Saluki Con alone last year.  Daniel had won a free pass for both the Saturday and Sunday event, and Billy B. had attended on Sunday.  He had searched for over two hours for a Mr. Spock action figure and had been found wanting.  Thus, he had returned home and subsequently ordered a magnificent Spock action figure on Ebay!

This year had had observed a vintage scene, from the original television series of Mr. Spock…and it was priced at $25.  Billy B. inquired if that was the vendor’s best price and he responded that he would accept $20 for the item.  Billy said that he would think about it.


When he returned, two hours later, with David…the vendor said that he would take $22 for the item.  Billy B. had been schooled to save money by his loving wife, Mary Jane, and he reminded the kind seller that he had originally priced the item at $20.  The old gentleman said that it would be his pleasure to sell him the item for $20.

As we left the festivities….there was Michael Meyers…sitting by the entrance….watching Wall E…..




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