What Is Man?

Billy B. and Carl were having a tough time in second grade.  Rather,  Billy was having the tough time as Carl seemed to warm up to the newest mathematical wonder of equations. Billy B. had taken his homework to his mom and asked her for her help and after two hours of agony…she admitted that she did not understand them and that furthermore she had not experienced them during her time in school.  She went on to ruminate on what the second grade teacher, Ms. Blackwell, had been drinking to think that seven year olds were ready for this involved mathematics?  Jane announced the she was going to visit Mrs. Blackwell and determine if she could do the equations and if she could…she could illustrate to her how they were to be ciphered!

The next morning Carl was smiling like the Cheshire Cat in Alice In Wonderland!  His eyes were especially saucer shaped as he told Billy B., in whispered tones, that the equation that Mrs. Blackwell had assigned yesterday was a key to unlocking the Universe!  He went on to explain that the solving of the problem could have life changing ramifications.  Did I mention that Carl was gifted in mathematics?

So, that afternoon Billy B. and Jane and Carl met with Mrs. Blackwell.  Although she worked feverishly…Mrs. Blackwell could not solve the equation and thus Carl raised his hand and said that he would like to attempt to discover the answer.  The teacher laughed and said, ‘well why not!’

As Carl began to write on the slate chalkboard he warned to be ready for anything!  Suddenly the lights dimmed and lightning struck near the second grade classroom.  Great drops of sweat appeared on Carl’s forehead and Billy B. glanced at the darkened corner of the dim room…where he saw a little old man that was snow white headed and looked amazingly like photos of Albert Einstein that he had seen in Life Magazine!

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Photo by Public Domain Pictures on Pexels.com

The old professor looked more like a biblical prophet than an academic and as he stepped forward he completed the calculation.  He then stepped back and a centrifugal swirling began in the middle of the classroom that was brilliantly lit along its perimeter and was the blackest of black that Billy had ever witnessed…in the middle of the in-classroom hurricane!

Mrs. Blackwell began to weep and Jane grabbed for Billy’s arm…but it was too late as Carl and Billy had entered the Black Hole!

Carl and Billy found themselves, still, in the second grade classroom…but it was slightly different.  Mr. Blackwell was nice…rather than crabby.  Billy’s mom’s name was June…Neva June…and Billy understood equations and how to solve them.  But, little did the intrepid travelers realize what awaited them…when they left the school?


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