Corn Beef For Breakfast and Waterford Hidden Treasures

A week ago, today, we enjoyed breakfast at the Donut Hole.  My first experience with the culinary marvels of the restaurant revolved around their pastries.  Ron had brought the sundry delights to us for breakfast, on several occasions.  They have a unique and sinfully delicious confection that looks, somewhat, like a horseshoe.  The first day of our marathon three day visit to the establishment, Ron pointed out a cinnamon role…that was a large as some peoples head!  That morning I partook of the corn beef hash and eggs and hash brown breakfast.  But, one week ago today I ordered the eggs Benedict that were carefully placed on two crab cakes that ultimately rested on a english muffin.  The crab cakes were to die for!

IMG_2510 2

I must speak more fulsomely regarding the corn beef.  It is scrumptious and plentiful.  It also is Kosher.  Of our three days visitation to the Hole of the Donut…I had the corn beef hash and eggs and hash browns twice.  I am ready to return.


So, after a great breakfast, it was time to explore.  Ron had mentioned that he wanted to check the Waterford store to see if they had begun their 75% off sale that they had spoke to him about.  MJ and I have loved Waterford crystal for over 30 years.  For many of those years it was my Christmas tradition to purchase a Waterford piece for MJ.  We settled on a stunning lamp…at a fraction of its full price.  And, then, we returned to the condo whereupon I returned to my balcony perch. to watch the ocean, and the rest returned to their card game.  Not long thereafter I began to hear murmurs about a, fabulous, vase.  When I inquired as to whether MJ wanted the vase in question…she said that she was just kidding…but that if she won the card game…we would buy it.  She won the game.  I am very pleased with both of the unique pieces and our finding them…made my Florida vacation, complete.


A few years ago we visited Waterford, Ireland, and toured the factory where the crystal pieces are manufactured.  The tour was fascinating and the craftsmen and women were friendly.  I recall our tour guide singing, ‘You take the high road and I will take the low road…,’ her singing was lovely and haunting.

IMG_2230 2 IMG_2531 2


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