Wallace Remembered

I was looking, as all good husbands do, for the ideal Valentines Day gift for MJ.  I had been watching a holiday decorative pillow, at Macy’s, since before we went to Florida, last month.  The needle point image on the pillow is of a French Bulldog with a holiday toboggan on his head and a red coat and scarf.  Although the image is of a Frenchy…he looks just like our, dearly departed Boston Terrier, Wallace.


Wallace came to live with us after a celebratory luncheon at a Fairview Heights restaurant called, Lottawata Creek, and our indulgence in the drink special, Long Island Iced Tea.  We were celebrating MJ’s good news regarding a medical situation with her eyes, that had, had us worried.  Admist the humongous platter of french fries and the delicious Reuben Sandwiches, Jonathon noticed that the Long Island Iced Teas…were on special.  As we enjoyed one….and then another…we felt progressively more elated and in a party mood!  Finally when the dinner and the libations were completed…we thought it best to go next door to the mall and shop for awhile and regain our equilibrium.


As we walked down the glistening and mirror finished halls of the St. Clair Mall…MJ announced that we should look in at the Pet Store to see if we could find a Christmas present for our lone dog, Brody.  And so we did,  We soon noticed that the establishment had two little Boston Terrier pups and that one was, what they called seal, but we later discovered that he was brown…and not seal.  He was a Brown Boston.  Wallace presented himself as a tiny bundle of brown with a snotty nose and a face that only a mother could love! We were mesmerized!  We had to have him and immediately plunked down $350 dollars to hold him until he could be cleared by their vet as being healthy enough to go to his forever home.  The Pet Shop staff assured us that he was completely healthy and that he was just recovered from a cold…as his little nose ran.


When we returned in about four days…he was ready to join our family…still with productive sneezes and anxious eyes.  As we carried our new family member, bundled up in a Christmas scarf…he peered out with only his face on view for passer-bye’s.  Many shoppers stopped us and inquired as to whether we had a little dog or a rabbit?


Being assured that Wallace T., for Long Island Ice Tea, was well…we proceeded to take him outside to do his business, in single degree temperatures,  he did little more than shiver and whimper.  He came home on Friday night and Monday morning we took him to our Vet where she informed us that he was close to pneumonia and to not let him go outside until he was well.  Thus…pee pads….

IMG_4058 2 copy

Wallace was our buddy.  Of our three dogs…no one was more excited to greet his momie when she returned from being out.  He danced with his front half moving in one direction and his back half moving in the opposite direction…and at times…was a bit incontinent.  For many years I have taken a nap in the evening…and when Wallace needed to conduct a visit outside…he would jump on to the bed and stand on me.  If I played possum…he would subsequently leave and then, shortly return…to replicate the procedure of waking up dad.  His other wake-up technique was to tap me with his paw and then observe the results.


Wallace snored.  Not a low snore…but a Great Dane…snore!

Wallace, who had been the picture of health, declined rather rapidly.   The evening before he passed…he jumped on to the bed and taped me with his paw…and waited for the required result.  This action was significant as he had not done so for several months.

My Pal was telling me…goodbye.


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