The Joy Of Seeing Friends, Or Zoom To Happiness!

This morning our church had a ‘Zoom’ worship service.  What a joy to see our friends doing well, in their homes.  The Spanish flu, pandemic, occurred from January 1918 – December 1920.  ‘It infected 500 million people-about a quarter of the world’s population at the time.’    Wikipedia.  Zoom and other social streaming programs are a   tremendous aid in humanities world-wide effort at social distancing, to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.  Modern technology has proven to be a blessing.  This morning, I was in church!

Fear is an insidious and compelling emotion.  It tends to present itself in the darkest hours before the dawn.  It hides in the shadows of creatures that are half seen…or felt as a dull dread and a sick feeling in the pit of our stomachs.  At times we see the sudden movement of our fear out of the corner of our eye…and when we turn to observe it more fully…it is gone.  

There is a family that has been fishing on the far side of a pond that several of the families in our sub-division own a partial of.  I hear the father call out, joyfully, each time that he or one of his children catches a fish.  I can hear him as he carefully trains his children in the art of fishing.  I hear the joy and exuberance in their voices.  I also hear the, fear in their dad’s voice…that he has worked to mask…in order that his precious kids…are not aware of his worries for them.

man walking on top of mountain under blue sky
Photo by Josh Willink on

On campus, this morning, Jonathon and I saw a family… mom and dad and their little children, as they walked and laughed and enjoyed a beautiful Spring…Sunday in late March.  In days gone by, it was somewhat unusual to be greeted by those whom you pass…now it is customary to smile and wave and say hello.  We Baby-Boomers and all of the generations that have followed us…have not experienced a more communal event…than our fight with this 2020 pandemic.  We see each other…we know each other…we understand that we are united in our fear and our hope…we feel the darkness like a sackcloth…and we rejoice in the brilliance of the sun!  




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