‘Its A Wonderful Life’

As we travel through this mystery called life, we are discovering that we all are important, and we are needed, and we are vital to the health and safety and welfare of, countless fellow members of our human family.  When I walk through a market and see the precious staff working faithfully, for my benefit, I think…what would I do if they decided that the risk is just to great…and stayed home?  Two Walmart workers near Chicago have died of the Coronavirus.  My family’s welfare is dependent on these courageous souls…and without them…we can not survive!


I know nurses…I have nurses in my family…they are heroes.  Hospitals and emergency rooms are battlefields, with an invisible enemy.  The troops in these dangerous settings, are fighting without the necessary PPE.  How many of us would endanger our safety by entering a room that is full of Coronavirus…without the necessary coverings…or for that part…with the necessary equipment?  Our futures depend on these selfless members of our family.


I listen to and watch Dr. Anthony Fauci and admire his pleasant and straightforward manner of explaining the truth of the 2020 pandemic that we are in.  I think of his life of service and care and concern for his fellow men and women…and then to see the abuse and bizarre lies that are promulgated against him, in some circles. He is 79 years old and could easily say, why not retire…

Housekeeping has always been a dangerous job.  Custodial staff regularly disinfects and cleans and sanitizes and ameliorates the pathogens and virus and germs that make the rest of us sick….and that, at times, kill us.  When I was, actively cleaning as a Building Service Worker or a Building Custodian…I was sick all of the time.  Now, we see clearly, that our quiet housekeepers…are protecting the rest of us…from a killer…


During the latter portion of the last century, reality television shows became the hot ticket.  Until this day it is difficult to find a network prime time show that is not reality TV.  For many years the networks packed their prime time schedule with these, economical and popular programs.  Reality television is not real life.  I love reading, and fiction…including science fiction, but these stories…are not our human reality.  Those reporters…those journalist…university trained professionals…are keeping the rest of us informed and protected from the trial of our lives.  I was enrolled in Journalism at Southern Illinois University @ Carbondale.  It is a recognized academic discipline…who’s members are part of a unique brother and sisterhood, that is demonstrating why our country is so great among the nations!

the new york times newspaper
Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

There are our most wise citizens who have been asked to shelter in their homes and who can not visit with their children or grandchildren…and without them…we all would be lost.  Many of our precious elderly are sad…and others confused…and lonely.  They are the authors of our entire heritage.  They fought in Vietnam…and Korea…and WWII…they protected us…it is vital that we protect them!  As someone bemoaned recently that their senior year had been ruined due to the pandemic…a Vietnam Vet responded that his senior year trip was to Vietnam.  I remember those days…

 Tomorrow is, Thursday of Holy Week, or Maundy Thursday.  The remembrance of the Last Supper of Jesus Christ.  Events happened quickly, following the Last Supper,  when Judas Iscariot, one of Jesus 12 disciples, following the diner…betrayed him with a kiss…and not long thereafter…he was crucified on a wooden cross that he was forced to carry through the streets of Jerusalem.  It never looked bleaker…it never looked darker…hope was never more forlorn…

Then, after three days…the resurrection…

‘Weeping may endure for a night…but joy cometh in the morning.’   Psalms 30:5   KJV




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