‘They Are Building This Plane As They Are Flying It’

The sun is shinning in Southern Illinois.  Our 16 year old Boston Terrier, Brody, has been for his hydrotherapy and, constant,  peanut butter incentive…and now, he is napping.  We planned on vacationing in Maine at the end of May…plans change.  We love Maine!  We visited Booth Bay Harbor, last May, and began planning, soon thereafter, our 2020 visit.  Ocean and Lobster…are hard to beat!  Facebook just notified me that Norah Jones is providing another free concert from her home.  She is singing as I am writing.

I heard a person on the radio say that our response to the pandemic is similar to building a plane as you are flying it.  I thought, that is the most descriptive statement that I have heard to illuminate our world-wide health crisis.  I think that the idea, that with our cloistered lives and segmented view of religion and politics and people…that there could be an event that would affect all of us, both the powerful and the powerless, was unimaginable just last year.  I heard a friend of mine say that he just did not believe that he would get the virus.  I pondered, don’t we all think that about our own invincibility.

Our sheltered lives have hardened us…a bit.  For whatever reason…when we could go wherever we wanted and stay as long as we pleased…we sought our own company and rallied around our tribe and our people…and worried little about the others…  Now we find ourselves looking out the windows of our homes and apartments and flats…and we long for the faces of other members of the human family…and we wonder what all of the fighting was about?

John Prine sang, ‘It is a half an inch of water and you think you are going to drown.’  Isn’t that the truth of life?  We worry about the most petty of problems and engage in the grievance process…for perverse pleasure.

We hear our brothers and sisters raising their voices in protest.  Some fear that there is a conspiracy afoot.  Others voice that the government does not have the right to prohibit them to assemble for their religious worship.  Some purchase all of the toilet paper that they can afford…while others rush to fill their freezers with meat…before there is no more of it…  I do not want to be judgmental.  People are afraid…and fear makes us lash out and speak up and exhibit actions that not necessary nor prudent.  I know that a virus..is not political…it is not a component of a vast and detailed conspiracy.  You know, when you examine how our day to day government functions.  Do you really think that there are evil geniuses that have mapped out a world-wide pandemic…?

Norah Jones just finished, expertly and beautifully, singing the old Hank Williams song, ‘I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry.’  They’re are a lot of people, many of whom you know, that are lonesome…and they have a tear in their eye.  If you want to alleviate some of your fear and doubt and the feeling that you are riding on a plane that is being constructed while you are a passenger…call those people…and they will dry their eyes…and neither of you will feel lonesome…

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