Permanent Change…Or Keep The Change?

The first, of five puzzles, has arrived.  MJ and I worked on it for over an hour this morning.  Since I do not posses the puzzling skills of my wife…she schooled me in the manner that we would begin.  After an hour…I had united 3 pieces…MJ had completed 12 or more.  The puzzle is the Celestial Map…  I came home from my walk, just now, and there she was with significant portions completed.  I told Jonathon that she will be getting up in the middle of the night to solve the quandary that is on the Dining Room table!  Some of us can see the elephant in the living room…while others notice the ant that is hiding in the corner!

person holding white jigsaw puzzle piece
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I listened to the governor of Georgia as he announced that he was re-opening several small businesses in his state, Friday. Among  the establishments to be, first on the opening plan were; nail salons, gyms, hair salons and businesses that administer, massages.  I had a massage in Rome, a few years ago, it was more of a change to my normal life…than I care to repeat.  I have no critical commentary of the governor’s decision other than a, simple, observation that the businesses named are, up-close and personal…and not in keeping with the medical advice of 6 feet of social distancing.

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I, also, listened to a medical professional, on NPR, that said that he believed that the wearing of masks and the social distancing practice, would be with us for the foreseeable future.  It is difficult to ascertain the strength of a hurricane…if you are in its eye.  Until tragedy visits a person or members of their family…or their friends…it seems a bit academic or philosophical…or the promulgation of another conspiracy theory by the fake news media.

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I enjoy, some, conspiracy theories.  I was a first grade student when my teacher announced to the class that President Kennedy had been shot.  School was canceled and I walked the four blocks to my home on Illinois Avenue in Eldorado, Illinois, and there was my mom…weeping on the couch as she watched the CBS news coverage of, what had quickly become the assassination of our beloved President.  When I observed mom weeping…the loss of President Kennedy was real to me!  The next day I was glued to the TV, as all of the nation was, and, suddenly, Jack Ruby, lurched in front of the cameras and shot Lee Harvey Oswald…and killed him.  I vividly recall thinking that there is more to the story of the assassination than what we were being told.  I still believe my theory…that I first developed…in the first grade!

But, our 2020 pandemic is not the Kennedy assassination, and it is not the fear that aliens are monitoring our every movement on Earth, and it is no respecter of political party, or privilege, or position.  It is a vicious killer of grandmas and grandpas, and young people who believe that they are invincible.  It strikes randomly and without warning and can be contracted from people who have the disease, but are  asymptomatic.  With most, drastic diseases, there is medicine and protocols and medial procedures that give the sick a, fighting chance of recovery.  COVID-19 has struck down many of our human family…taking them from hale and hearty…to death…in a matter of days…sometimes hours.  Yes, the majority of recipients…recover.  Yes, many have it and exhibit no symptoms.  But, that is cold comfort to your family or friends…or you…should you become so ill that you are placed on a ventilator…of which most people do not recover.

Over forty-three thousand Americans are gone…  I have never met a conspiracy that not only killed the people that the conspiracy-theorist believed were promulgating the lies…as well as the people that were sure that nothing was going to happen to them…because it was just the…flu!

I read of a bar owner in New York.  He felt that the president would be wearing a mask and be more concerned if there was any gravity to the danger of contracting the illness.  He and his daughter were discussing the Coronavirus, and the dad asked his daughter if she knew anyone who had the virus.  She replied that she did not, at that time..but was sure that she would, before long.  Her dad and mom embarked on a 14 day cruise.  When they returned to home port…the next day her father became ill…and shortly thereafter…he died.

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