I have always loved skeletons!  From my early experiences with halloween costumes, to my first seeing a real skeleton in biology class, to the, expensive vodka that comes in a crystal skeleton head bottle (a skull), to my favorite ink pen that my brother, Brock, gave me for my 60th birthday, that has a skeleton head on the top and depicts a rendition of the skeleton…for the body of the writing instrument.  When I saw that one of the, vintage, puzzles from my favorite bookstore, Main Street Books, in St. Charles, Missouri…was of a skeleton…I was overwhelmed…and subsequently ordered it…post hast!  Brock and I received, matching, tattoos for my 60th…a large letter B surrounded by filigree!  When I see my tattoo…I think of my brother.  Jonathon and I were commiserating about the dearth of pencil usage in our modern world. That evening he announced to his mom and I that he was ordering, Cavallini, pencil sets, complete with sharpeners, for us and his brother.  I chose…skeleton images!  Cavallini is also the producer of our puzzles.  I considered, after the matching tattoos…that a skull would be nice…  MJ said that she thought that was a misguided idea…

I am happy today…although that is my state of mind…most of the time.    I was able to be the delivery boy for our board of elders, referred to as the session in the First Presbyterian Church, of a thank you card and an enclosed gift, for our, wonderful, Administrative Professional, Barb.  She is such a lovely person and goes so far beyond the call of duty in a plethora of ways…that it was a joy to see her smiling face, at social distancing specifications, and the constant light in her eyes!

We really are all skeletons, covered by a coat of flesh and muscle and our unique appearances, that Mother Nature bestowed upon us.  When you take away the veneer…we are all the same.  We all give love…and we all seek love.  We all are frightened and insecure, and we all need a friend.  We are; janitors, and grocery workers, and nurses and doctors and labs technicians, and warehousemen and women and truckers, and leaders…that doubt if we are up to the herculean task of our 2020 pandemic.  We feel the shaking of the earthquake under our feet.  In a world that was already rife and replete with earth shattering problems and puzzles and strife and stress…comes the unifying of a pandemic that affects all of us.

Jonathon and I met with our session last evening at 5:00 p.m.  We met by the miracle of Zoom technology.  There was Pastor Kerry, with his ever present smile and welcoming and friendly manner, as well as the members of the group.  Some who had to hurry to be present at the meeting, due to work and other commitments.  We were present because it was important that we were there to finalize the monetary assistance to our churches wonderful staff.  It is comforting to be a member of a church that cares about it’s essential staff, and realizes that they are all essential, and who subsequently works to demonstrate that realization…realized…in a tangible demonstration of the love and appreciation that we have for them!

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