I accidentally dropped my cell phone the other day.  The way in which the light shown on it, I was relieved to see that I had not damaged the screen.  Later, I was under different light, and I noticed that I not only had cracked the screen…but I had cracked it across the width of it.  The, pleasant, Apple representative told me that the replacement would be in excess of $200…and he sent me a box…and I mailed it back.  I missed my phone…a lot!  My phone returned, yesterday, with a bright and shiny new screen.  I felt whole again.  As I was attempting to reinstall my app, which was under an email that I not only do not use, but also no longer have access to…I began a 2 1/2 hour odyssey to solve the problem with, two, kind audible representatives.  The first person, a lady, commented that I had the most beautiful background music playing…and I wondered what she was hearing since I was not listening to music.  It reminded me of the time when we were returning from Alaska, and had laid over in Seattle, Washington…with MJ’s mother, who had experienced a TIA in Ketchikan…that scared us to death.  Fernie mentioned as we sat in the hotel restaurant, that she enjoyed the song, Precious Memories, but that it was odd that they played it throughout the hotel, exclusively.  Precious Memories…was not playing…  In any event, the audible person was referring to the singing of the birds in my back yard as I sat on my porch.  Thus, I am writing a morning blog…and enjoying the music!

I am amazed at how often that I do not hear the aural majesty that is around me.  How many times I take for granted or customary or mundane…beauty on par with the most noteworthy fine art paintings that are available to view.  I love art!  Vincent van Gogh’s works, mesmerize me.  We have been to Paris.  We visited the Musse d’Orsay, on he left bank of the Seine.  The museum has a fantastic collection of Vincent van Gogh.   But, if you take the time to study your surroundings, both natural and architectural and human, they have all of the magic and wonder of the subjects of his iconic paintings.  There is no more fascinating creature to watch that your fellow humans.  Have you seen pain or depression is another’s eyes?   Have you experienced the sensation of making eye contact with someone and feeling that, for a moment in time, you could see into their soul?  I, regularly, snap photos on campus, as I walk for exercise.  The architecture of Old Campus, fascinates me.  I have been photographing and walking for so many years…and yet I see something new each time I am there.  Nature has an orchestra of sound…if you stop and listen.

Mornings are special.  Everything is waking up.  I recall an Easter Sunrise church service that I attended over 45 years ago.  The loveliness of the sun rising, and the smell of the morning dew, and the melodious sounds of the happy birds singing…has stayed with me…for many years.  As I am writing this piece, I have noticed that the morning birds have different songs than the afternoon ones…or at least they sound different to my untrained ears.

Nothing improves my mood faster than music and singing.  I am neither a singer nor a musician…but I have a deep appreciation for both.  Last evening I was listening to the singer, Lyle Lovett, sing his song, Church, and I could have closed my eyes…and been there.  When the great John Prine passed away, earlier this month, I listened to a tribute song, regarding him, written by Carsie Blanton, and her love for him, and her heartfelt sadness regarding his death…was palpable.

As we all travel through this dark tunnel looking for the light…let us, ‘say to ourselves,’ what the great Louis Armstrong told us…’It’s a Wonderful World.’


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