May Has Returned

Did you ever dance around the Maypole?  It seemed that each May 1st our grade school teachers would relish in our Maypole dance.  I have never been much of a dancer.  Many in the class enjoyed the experience!  I would have rather watched them, dance.  Today marked my fourth and concluding day of grocery shopping for this month…accept for those days when I have to return to the store for an item that I forgot to initially buy.  Walmart was full of stressed shoppers.  It seems that our stay at home policy…is fraying many folks nerves.  A mother with her young daughter, called out in a loud and commanding voice, what grocery item that she was looking for, and when she retrieved it she subsequently announced to all that would listen that she had finally found the item.  Our 2020 pandemic has placed many of us, ‘between the devil and the deep blue sea,’ as my mom often said.  Essential staff are forced to work and endanger their lives, while earning little more than minimum wage.  They do not have the option to resign their employment and stay at home…they have to keep their job to survive.  Almost universally, the staff of every supermarket that I frequent, are kind and considerate and extremely helpful.  They, as well as our nurses and doctors, and warehouse workers and drivers, and custodial staff…deserve hazard pay for their herculean efforts for our safety and security.

Our isolation has provided us with a clear illustration of how desperately that we need each other.  As I walked through Walmart today, I was thankful and I appreciated each patron that thought enough of my safety, that they wore a face mask.  When I observed a shopper who had not donned a face mask…I could not help but wonder if the person did not care, or had not heard the news, or was of the mind-set that the use of the face mask was fake news?

Happiness is with us…if we look for it.  The love and concern of our family and friends, is priceless.  Our Earth has become cleaner.  We should implement ways to keep the gains that have occurred during our home-confinement…as we all share the same globe.  We have been alone…but we have been more united in our common purpose than I have witnessed in my life.

So many of our worries and squabbles and pet peeves, have dissipated like the murky waters of the canals in Venice.  Our constant competition with each other…seems petty as we strive to continue living and loving the life that we have been given.  When I see my fellow church members, during Zoom Church, I wonder how I have not noticed them, more, and appreciated them more, and loved them more…

Reflection during our pandemic…is a beautiful thing!  Every minute of every day of our lives…is a miracle.  There are no mundane or ordinary or boring days.  The specialness and rarity, and the unique opportunity to exist together, for a short time, is more exciting than anything that we can imagine!

‘But it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him.’   I Corinthians 2:9  KJV

Reach out to a fellow traveler…and listen to them…and be a sounding board for their stress and hopelessness…until you have transformed their desperation into hope.


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