Some Good Changes…During Our 2020 Pandemic

MJ and I were able to take Parker and Brody, who turned 16 years old yesterday, to have their nails clipped and a well needed bath.  I will not miss the click…click…click of their long nails as they trod across the wooden floors.  Janet, of Southern Paws Pet Services, came out to our car and retrieved the furry Brooks kids, and they will return them in the same manner at 5:00 p.m.  I was sporting my handcrafted face mask, that my friend, Wendi, made for me and MJ and Jonathon.  MJ said that it fit me well…  Janet, beamed when she saw us!  We were glad to see her…and she was glad to see us.  I believe that we all were thinking that we have survived, thus far, and we are all part of the accosted and beleaguered human family…

Jonathon and I walked campus earlier today.  I am struck by the happiness and joy that I see in the people that are engaging in the same pastime that we are…observing social distancing.  I have not, in my life, seen more families out enjoying nature and its’ bounty…than over the past 6 weeks.  Little children, and some that are not so little, are laughing and talking with their moms and dads.  There is not any static interfering with the conversation and communication.  There isn’t softball or baseball practice…or dance recitals or tumbling class.  There isn’t out of town meetings for mom or dad…or business dinners…or meetings for a drink…or two…  Gone are the distractions that are convenient excuses to not spend time with… and invest in the hard work that makes a loving family…    Often, we use the, ready, excuse of the requirements of our career, and the expectations of our employer, and either spoken or implied suggestion that if we want to get ahead in the job market hierarchy and to climb the corporate ladder…we will put in extra hours at the office…or fulfilling the bosses’ petty needs.  Our children are accustomed to being reared and raised by the school system, including being fed by the system, and then the after school programs, and then the nanny or the au pair…

Our 2020 pandemic has forced us to focus in a similar fashion as the optometrist asks us to read the smallest print on the eye chart…in the herculean effort to prove that we have 2020 vision.  I have heard it said that we can not see the forest for the trees…we now see the trees…clearly…  For now, we see clearly what the infinite gifts of family and friends and neighbors and the human family are.  It really is not the latest Broadway production, and I have visited Broadway twice and throughly enjoyed both encounters, and it is not the dream vacation, and I love to travel, and it does not seem to be the greatest home or vacation dwelling…rather it is the human connection that sustains us and nourishes us and keeps us on the road…back home…to Jerusalem.


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