Emotions…Can Be Deceiving

The popular singer and actor, Frank Sinatra, sang ‘I did it my way!’  I have conducted much of my life according to Frank’s advice.  It feels good to be the captain of your own ship!  I have found that when I agree with a leader’s admonishments for my wellbeing, I think…what a smart woman or smart man.  But, when I have another idea…I doubt what is being said by my elected representative and I may even fear…conspiracy…

There is an oft put question that is; if a tree falls in the woods and no one sees it…did it really fall?  Quantum Physics has verified that there are very small elements of matter that behave in one manner when they are being observed…and in a contrary manner when no one is looking.  Also, there is a hypothesis that each of our brains assign meaning regarding the constant movement of matter…that comprises our physical surroundings…our reality.

Have you ever played the old game of, telephone?  This is a game where you sit in a large circle of people and the first person whispers into the ear of the second person…until the message is shared, one person at a time, throughout the complete circle.  Invariably the message will start out as one statement…and conclude as a completely different set of words.

Police tell us that if they take more than one eye witness statement, at the scene of an automobile accident, that the eyes of each witness…saw a different accident.

We had a lovely Mother’s Day, yesterday.  We enjoyed not one, but two, Curbside Family Chicken Dinners, and there are leftovers today.  I snapped some Polaroid photos, with my Christmas gift from Jonathon.  Then, we enjoyed a pay per view movie…and I almost thought that we were at the theatre!

It is the interim between classes at SIUC…but I saw more people out and about than I had during the semester.  I am persuaded that the ability to go outside and enjoy the beauty of spring, has enhanced my ability to endure the stay at home restrictions due to our 2020 pandemic.

I was listening to a virologist this afternoon who said that the idea of protecting the American people’s health…or…the reopening of our economy, is not an either or decision. There is a systematic and logical approach whereby both can be achieved simultaneously.  How about that for a practical plan?  It is easy, when we are suffering…to look for a scapegoat, or a dastardly enemy, or a master conspiracist…when our enemy is a virus.  The virus does not know, or care, about our station is life…or our ethnicity…or our political affiliations!  COVID-19 wants to replicate in as many host humans as it possibly can…and the closer that they are together facilitates its viral logic.

When I was a manager I had a colleague tell me that I should, come down on certain people that, in his opinion from the cheap seats, had transgressed.  Later that person committed a serious lapse in judgment.  When I met with my friend and explained what the penalty could be for his error…his face fell…and the enormity of his mis-step became very real to him.  I then told him what my decision was, and that his error would be documented for our office file and if there were not any additional occurrences within one year…that I would shred the documentation.  He was visibly relieved and thanked me, profusely.  So it is with our pandemic…God help us that we do not have to have personally proven to us…that the threat is real…

autumn autumn colours brown countryside
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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