Thank You…All Veterans!

I grew up during the Vietnam War.  As I watched the CBS Evening News with Walter Cronkite, and his nightly reporting of how many Americans were killed that day…. I expected to be drafted…when I became of age.  My cousin, Billy, who is a bit older than I, was drafted upon his graduation from high school.  My father was a World War II veteran, and served in the Pacific Theatre.  MJ’s dad was a WW II Vet.  My step-father, Earl, was a veteran of the Korean War.  We owe all of the men and women who have served our country a profound debt of gratitude!

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My uncle, Bill, served in Germany during WW II.  Aunt Wanda, Bill’s wife, said that when Bill returned from the conflict…that he refused to speak about it…as the memories were painful for him.  During my time with Southern Illinois University @ Carbondale, I had several members of our team return from the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars.  They came back home…being the bearers of terrible burdens.  We speak of Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome in our current vernacular…but it has always existed.

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‘Shell shock is a term original coined in 1915 by Charles Myers to describe soldiers who were involuntary shivering, crying, fearful, and had constant intrusions of memory.  It is not a term used in psychiatric practice today but remains in everyday use.’    Psychology Today,   Stephen Joseph Ph.D.

Our freedom was purshased by many of our fellow citizens; pain and suffering…and blood and their future!  Many that have never served…speak in glowing terms about our nation’s might and ability to vanquish any foe…while those who have served…sit silently as they gaze into their past…and remember their fallen friends…

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