Smiling Eyes

I was reading a cartoon today of a ventriloquist and his miniature associate… on his knee.    The ventriloquist remarked that, ‘I think I may really have a shot at this now,’  as he spoke to his wife…through his mask…   Also, I read a New Yorker cartoon that depicted  a young man sitting under a tree and pulling off flower petals as he said, ‘Dystopian future, utopian future, dystopian future, utopian future…’  And that is about how we feel.  We become encouraged and feel the upside of our 2020 pandemic lessons…and then we wonder if we will ever see normal again.  Laughing in the face of a virus that can take your life…probably is not wise.  Being afraid to ever leave your house again…is not practical.  We want answers…yesterday…but first we have to know the questions.

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As I shopped in Walmart and Kroger and Sams and Aldi’s…I  was struck with the number of people that had smiling eyes.  You do not have to see a persons mouth to ascertain if they are happy or sad…or angry.  I have always been able to see more in a persons eyes than the words that they utter.  There is much more good will in our human family than we realize.  Each Sunday when I attend Zoom church…my faith in humanity is renewed.  Here are christians living out their faith in the peace of Christ.  Our congregation is full of people that have seen many challenges and reversals and fears…and have decided to accept Jesus promise that he would never leave us or forsake us.

As I progressively become older, I reflect increasingly on he gift of life.  Often when we are young and feel good, every day, we take for granted this strange and wonderful gift of awareness and breath and love that we have been given.  I listened to a city leader in Minneapolis, Minnesota speak to a live audience of people, many of whom are devastated by the killing of Mr. George Floyd by a police officer placing his knee on Floyd’s  neck and pressing his neck to the ground until he died.  The gentleman began by singing, Amazing Grace.  Now, that is the place to begin in every struggle and anger and hurt, that we experience.

I have reflected for many years how hate and racism and cruelty is not only accepted by significant groups of people, but is applauded by many when a political leader spews venomous comments on a daily basis.  I have witnessed cruelty on many occasions, and I know it when I see it.

We are making our way through the dark tunnel of the unknown.  But in that tunnel are smiling eyes and people who believe in amazing grace…so many of us that offer a helping hand to our neighbor as we walk toward the light at the end of the tunnel.

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