Friday Fun!

So, we are venturing out!  An al fresco lunch at one of our favorite restaurants is in our immediate future.  They have a terrific assortment of burgers.  It is a lovely day to contemplate the future.  Two and 1/2 million jobs were created in May…to the surprise of everyone!  There is good news out there…and it is important to take note of it and enjoy it.  Former Federal Reserve Chairman, Alan Greenspan, spoke of irrational exuberance fueling the markets…during his tenure.  We do not want to be irrationally exuberant…but moderate exuberance is sorely needed!

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Our 2020 pandemic is still with us, and social distancing and face masks and hand washing are as important as ever.  However, most physicians would agree that living our lives, in a safe and cautionary manner, is vital to both our physical and mental health.  It is also essential to the economic survival of many of the millions who are out of work because of the coronavirus.  We can walk and chew gum…if we are careful…

We humans are completely dependent on each other.  You rely on me to wear a face mask to ensure that I do not infect you with COVID-19, and I rely upon you to do the same.  The United States is primarily a consumer economy that is fueled by a service industry.  We ceased to be a behemoth of manufacturing…many years ago.  When I heard that Illinois had passed a law that allowed bars and restaurants to sell mixed drinks to go….I thought what a smart move.  I did not admire the bold legislative move because of being a fan of mixed drinks in sealed plastic containers…but rather due to the fact that there are thousands of people that work for bars and restaurants, and who rely on alcohol sales for much of their income.

Well,…we drove to the restaurant at 11:40…and we were back home by 12:20…  When we arrived, all of the tables were resplendent with large umbrellas to shade the eager patrons from the sun’s rays.  All accept the one that was left for us.  The sun affects some of us…adversely.  I asked if there was one additional umbrella remaining?  There was not.  I inquired if any of the other tables were soon to be vacated.  They were not.  So we ordered take-out…and proceeded home.  I asked MJ if she had enjoyed her first foray into the world of semi-normalcy…and we agreed that it seemed like the last three months of our pandemic stay at home living…

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A pleasant young lady telephoned MJ shortly after we arrived home.  She was happy to announce that they now had a table for us that had an umbrella….

We dipped our toe into the water…but it did not get wet!

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