A New Idea!

It a wonderful and temperate  day in Carbondale!  I am a bit like Goldilocks in that I do not care for the hard bed…or the soft bed…but only the bed that is just right!  I laughed when I saw a posting on Facebook of a Golden Retriever who was carrying a long stick in her mouth.  She walked up to a garden doorway, that had no obstruction on either side of it, and proceeded to endeavor to fit the lengthy piece of wood through the narrow opening…horizontally.  Then she slowly backed up and turned around and began to walk backwards…as she turned her head and body just enough to get the stick through.  It is amazing how our parameters of life change when we look at our problems from another angle.

Our 2020 pandemic has changed our plans…  When I retired at the end of 2010…I planned on traveling a few times a year.  We were able to enjoy trips to Europe in both 2011 and 2012…but 2013 brought us serious health concerns.  The kind of concern that take travel out of your vision…even your peripheral vision…for a season!  Thankfully our fears of 2013 came out with an excellent diagnosis and treatment plan that ended with continued health success!  In 2014 we spent a month in Europe and in 2016 we relished 3 weeks in the United Kingdom.  Life has a way of presenting reversals of fortune…that must be negotiated!

When we shut the physical doors of our church due to COVID-19…our great pastor and several members of our board worked to facilitate Zoom Church…which is working out wonderfully!  It has brought our congregation a smooth transition from their shared church experience to a virtual and vital gathering that is a blessing…

I was inspired when I saw our local restaurants and bars begin to provide al fresco dining for their customers.  Everyone was happy with the simplicity of the healthy solution to a serious dilemma.

I saw a great photo of Aaron and Jonathon and me at Katy O’Ferrell’s in Cape Girardeau, Missouri that was snapped last Father’s Day.  We were grinning like possums eating persimmons!  There was not a thought in our heads about the Coronavirus…  Father’s Day is almost here again…and I am excited!

It seems to me that one of the foremost human occupations is our eternal search for happiness.  At one time I thought that were I lived could bring me an enhanced happiness experience.  At other times I have believed that travel, and a lot of it, was the pathway to nirvana.  It is in my later years that I have discovered that I carry my happiness with me.  It is more of a heart emanation rather than an identification with place.  I can be abundantly happy writing a blog…or reading a book…or listening to a compelling sermon…or enjoying great jazz or blues music!

So often I have struggled to get the stick that I was carrying through the door…when I could have just stepped to the side and had a wide entrance!


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