Something Good Is Going To Happen!

I purchased the new Bob Dylan album Friday.  It is terrific!  The first song on the disc is, ‘I Contain Multitudes.’  Some of the lyrics are:

‘ I’m just like Anne Frank, like Indiana Jones

And them British bad boys, The Rolling Stones

I go right to the edge, I go right to the end

I go right where all things lost are made good again

I sing the songs of experience like William Blake

I have no apologies to make

Everything’s flowing all at the same time

I live on the boulevard of crime

I drive fast cars , and I eat fast foods

I contain multitudes’

Bob Dylan


Pastor Kerry told us this morning in our Zoom Church sermon, that we are all ‘slushee.’  Simply put we members of the human family are a unique and enriching and exciting mixture of many things.  We are mammals seeking our creator.   We come from the dust of the ground and we reach toward the heavens!  We live and love and laugh…and cry and mourn and grieve.  We have the unparalleled ability to be aware of ourselves and our life and our place in the world and its effect on those that we know and love.  We understand that we are going to die…and we contemplate the meaning of it all…   When a person attests that they have a narrow and restricted view of life and their role in it…I  am quizzical or dismayed…or frightened.  

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The long standing fight to pigeonhole or marginalize or gaslight others…is not the answer to our pressing problems.  The answer is to build a long….long….long…table and invite all of our brothers and sisters to break bread and to listen to each other…and to see each other….and to understand…

As I walked the beautiful Southern Illinois University @ Carbondale campus…I was struck with the idea that something good was going to happen!  We are in sore need of something good.  It is easy to develop the ocular malady of tunnel vision.  When in reality there are golden opportunities all around us!  


SIUC is a force for good in Little Egypt!  It has the diversity of thought and people and academic disciplines that can meet the intellectual and social needs of anyone that is seeking to participate and understand the breadth of the human experience.   


This week our campus welcomed our new chancellor, Dr. Austin Lane, and he brings with him his demonstrated skill in turning a university around and placing it on the road to success!  Let us not only welcome him and his family…but let us work with him to make something good happen!  



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