Young Eyes

It has been a busy week around the Brooks Ranch!  That is busy for an old retired guy of nearly 63 years.  First was the transformation of our front door from a ‘true black’…which is what the gentleman called the color that he painted it just after the derecho of May 2009.   The new color is Heirloom Red.  After about 4 hours of applying the red to give a good cover to the faded black…it was time to change the broken door knob.  We purchased a keypad door lock and Jonathon and I took the old off and replaced it with the new…and we are enjoying it…now that it is installed!  As I painted the door I reminisced on my first painting of the door in 2001.  We painted it red that time as well.  We wanted to paint it Presbyterian Red…but were unsure what shade that was.  Nevertheless we called the color Presbyterian Red!  So it had been 19 years since I painted the front door…

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MJ and I often laugh that we quibble about extremely small purchases…but we have no compunction in engaging in larger purchases…without batting an eye!  I have discovered that one of my keys to happiness is to train myself to see life adventures through young eyes.  Now my eyes are anything but young.  Yesterday I purchased a bottle of Folger’s Decaf Coffee…thinking that it was Nescafe!  However the adventures of day-to-day living excite me and stir my imagination!  The ability to see a deer as if it was the first time is marvelous!  Or to spot a Cardinal and wonder how come I am not fast enough to snap a photo of it…  The encompassing grandeur of the ocean and its waves and ebb and flow is new to me although I have seen it for hours on end during numerous vacations.  The pristine beauty of Maine and its hamlets and villages and lighthouses…  The life cadence of Maine and accent of the Mainers…and the rocky ocean coastline of Arcadia National Park…and the rich history of Bar Harbor…resplendent with sights and smells and tastes and colors that spill over into your soul!

white and black lighthouse near gray body of water
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I began my retirement with the goal of increased reading, writing, and walking, for my domestic goals.  My retirement dream was to travel and all the places in our world and the United States that I had not been.  During the early years of our freedom we visited Europe 4 times.  We made annual treks to Destin, Florida and at least 4 trips to the Caribbean.  Our travel focus is once again on Maine.  Last year we spent a week in Booth Bay Harbor…returning to the state that we love after our 2 trips to Mt. Desert Isle in 2009 and 2010.  Further journeys are planned…but some times the ‘best laid plans of mice and men suddenly go awry!’  So, I am happy in whatever state that I find myself!’  

I swear that every time I set foot on the campus of Southern Illinois University @ Carbondale…I see it with young eyes!  I can think of nowhere that I feel more at home…other than my home!  Having traversed the campus for over 42 years…it is continually new to me…

I know that I am infinitely happier when I focus on the majestic miracles that surround me and less on the divisiveness of the sowers of division and the promulgators of bizarre conspiracy theories…  If this short human existence is a harbinger of the halcyon days to come…let us seek to make all things well…

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