Our Future is Bright…If We Want It To Be?

I wrote a dystopian fable yesterday…and it scared the author.  I reread it 10 times or more and thought of deleting it…as it is not my genre.  However, I believe the fiction that I wrote could be one of a thousands of scenarios if we do not take Covid-19 seriously!  There is an old saying that you can dash your head agains a boulder and see who gives in first.  Facts are stubborn things!  They do not yield to our whims or desires or conspiracy theories.  I think that we are wedded to our customary events.  We love our sports…and are excited about the 60 game season…but the Marlins have 14 positive cases of the Coronavirus.  We want to have our holidays, which we Americans refer to as vacations, and we are not willing to change what we rightly deserve as a reward for our herculean efforts…  I have a hobby of attending the movie theatre.  It was may goal upon retirement to go to the movies at least once per week.  Until MJ retired I was attending the theatre 3 or 4 times per week!  We have a beautiful and historic church!  I am inspired just by driving by it!  I love to attend and sit in the pew and hear our choir sing and pastor Kerry preach!  The experience places me on track for the week to come!  We had the opportunity to attend Broadway productions twice.  They were such memorable experiences that I thoroughly want to replicate them…several more times!  

I have loved Southern Illinois University @ Carbondale since I was a child.  I traverse the lovely Carbondale Campus on a daily basis.  I do not take off for weekends!  I desire the success of SIUC with every fiber of my being!  


We are in the midst of a life changing and future altering events.  We are being forced to change our expectations and seek new safe venues.  MJ and I have been watching English detective shows on Amazon and Netflix that are 2 or 3 seasons long.  I am really into it!  Our church has been having Zoom church for the past several months.  It is fun and enlightening and I have a better attendance record for Zoom than I had for physical church services…

white and brown house
Photo by Arvid Knutsen on Pexels.com

School is a difficult conundrum.  Many students do not eat properly if they are not attending brick and mortar school buildings where the school’s cooks prepare them both breakfast and lunch.  Most parents both have jobs to survive in todays economy.  Home schooling is a heavy burden and on-line classes are a brilliant shadow of in class instruction.  But…the discussion is life and death!  Perhaps, where possible, schedules and lifestyles must change in order to adapt to our new normal?  Perhaps our government should target money and assistance toward broadband internet access for the vital need of the education of our young and financial assistance toward the millions of Americans who are food insecure…both in the midst of our pandemic and before it occurred. 

photo of woman sitting on sidewalk
Photo by Harrison Haines on Pexels.com

I have witnessed more courage during 2020 than in my entire life.  Nurses and all medical personnel work to make us well when the threat of the Grim Reaper is standing over their shoulder!  Our truckers and warehouse workers and housekeeping staff and our grocery staff have faced danger on a daily basis with no thank you….

people with face masks and latex gloves holding a globe
Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels.com

Many across the Earth are more united in their social distancing and separation than I have witnessed when we were shoulder to shoulder…

Our epidemiologist and virologist and scientist are working feverishly around the clock to develop a vaccine!  Billions of faith are praying non-stop for God to help his children…and to enlighten our souls with understanding…and that ever allusive substance…wisdom…

Our future is as bright as our sun, if we can calm our scrambled hearts…and wait for the peace that passes all understanding…

Sometimes we have to stand back from ourselves and study the person that we have become.  Are we the cockeyed optimist that we began as?  Or have we insatiably focused on a portion of minutiae in our lives and allowed it to force all of the joy our of our hearts?

broken heart love sad
Photo by burak kostak on Pexels.com

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