‘What You Crying About…Man?’

The rain is falling…again.  I accomplished my house cleaning chores this morning as the lady who does our cleaning has not been able to do so for 3 months.  It is comforting how easy it is for me to slip into my one time career of Building Services.  I spotted a deer family earlier.  They appeared to be as pleased to see me as I was them.  Since the virus I have seen more deer than dogs.  I wonder if they are hoping for a takeover?  

IMG_9817 2

Faith has always been a comfort to me, but now more so than ever.  The surety of a belief system is a bulwark against the tsunami of doubt.  There is more that we do not see…than what we see!  There is a spiritual dynamic that guides our lives whether we realize it or not.  Several years ago we visited Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  This was a stop on our Great Eastern Vacation.  We had already been on the constant search of how to depart the interstate so that we could enter Washington, D.C., and after an hour or more finally found the solution.  We had driven through Manhattan…more than once…and had numerous close calls!  And now we were in a parking garage and a large and loud gentleman began to admonish me…repeatedly…to leave the keys in my car and the windows down.  This sounded like he was telling me to throw caution to the wind and trust him…and I had never met him!  I did know that I did not appreciate his demeanor or his volume.  As he strode up to our automobile and I opened my door to explain to him that where I come from we are not so caviler as to leave our cars wide open to theft and pillory…he exclaimed, ‘What you crying about man?’  Immediately I considered his proposal and felt perfectly calm and did as he asked.  I thought…in an instant…that I had never been to Philadelphia before nor did I know the policies of the parking garage…and as the great sage of the 50’s and 60’s, Alfred E. Newman,  was known for saying, ‘What Me Worry.’  

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So…I wonder what I am crying about…often.  I remember MJ and I holding our sons when they were babies.  At times they would cry with a lusty and full throated vocalization.  We understood that there was no harm coming to them…but they did not.  Neither the wind-up swing nor a midnight ride in the car…nor the rhythmic dancing motion of holding them and attempting to lull them to sleep…worked.  


There is a practical application to the teachings of Jesus that encompasses inspiration and inclusivity…and elbow grease!  Jesus fed the hungry and healed the lame and enjoyed wine at the wedding.  True Christianity has a, ‘Just the facts, Ma’am,’ approach when living out the commandments of Christ.  It is not only simple to administer…but for all of the human family.  Yet there is an unseen hand that guides us.  The next time you feel overwhelmed and among those who have no hope…look over your shoulder…you may catch a glimpse of your guardian angle…

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