We have had several cool days in August in Little Egypt.  I am inspired!  MJ has been ordering us face masks from a shop named, Art Travel Love,  and I now am the proud owner of two Starry Night masks and two, The Scream of Nature, by Edvard Munch.  


Much has been made about our 2020 pandemic being a hoax or a political ploy that will be over once November arrives.  So, those that believe that Covid-19 is a mechanism to interfere with the presidential election attest that our entire globe is in cahoots to thwart the United States election?  I have had the opportunity to visit numerous countries and I discovered that we Americans are not the big mucky muck deal that we believe that we are!  In fact we are somewhat shunned in some areas.  



hands with latex gloves holding a globe with a face mask
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IMG_0530 3Masks are not so bad once you become accustomed to them.  Some countries have been wearing face masks as a matter of course for many years in order to prevent the transmission of communicable disease.  I heard a true story of two hairdressers who had tested positive for Covid-19 but who had faithfully worn their masks.  When contact tracing was done it was found that none of their patrons had contracted the Coronavirus…but that their husbands and children had.  Until a vaccine is manufactured…masks and social distancing are the best that we have!

For sometime I observed that in the grocery stores or Wal-Mart there were under 50% of patrons wearing masks. Lately it appears to be nearly 100%!  A congressman recently tested positive for the virus and subsequently remarked that he thought that being forced to wear a mask in the House of Representatives had caused him to  test positive…  

people with face masks and latex gloves holding a globe
Photo by Anna Shvets on

I watched a news program regarding many of our health professionals in numerous states…being harassed and threatened and subsequently being ran out of their jobs.  When our epidemiologist and virologist and scientist are ridiculed and fear for their life…we have become a country much like Nazi Germany where the educated were demeaned and the alternate reality folks were lauded.  

The 2020 pandemic is not a fictional event.  It is not going to disappear and safety will not re-appear until a vaccine is produced…and then the virus will still be with us…much as the flu has been for countless generations.  

IMG_8586 2When the wearing of seat belts law first came into effect…I did not like it.  I thought that it was an infringement on my personal liberties.  But I became accustomed to it as I saw the benefit of it and the saving of lives that resulted from it.  I understand a rebel.  I am a bit of a rebel and a skeptic and a doubter of the official party line.  I know what it is to wonder about the motives of leaders…and whether or not there is a hidden agenda.  But the wearing of masks are a good thing and a safeguard against catching a disease that can take your life.

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