Joy Comes In The Morning!

I am sitting on the writing porch and it is raining a deluge! I love it! Fall is as good as here and I am wearing my new Frankenstein T shirt, a gift from Jonathon, and happiness is still in the small things…especially when you realize that life is nothing but a drive by parade of small things.

When I ponder how long it has taken me to understand the little that I do…I wonder what I did with my time for almost 63 years… We attended a Drive By Birthday Parade this morning for our friend, Carolyn’s birthday. What a lovely experience! There were so many smiling faces and the excitement of happy birthdays and balloons and colorful signs…it felt like a holiday!

MJ and I were reflecting earlier on the various decades that we have experienced together. I remarked that I remember my 40’s well. Most of that decade was spent in the ‘new house’ which in March will be 20 years old…and I still call it the ‘new house!’ When I think of my 20’s all I see is Aaron and Jonathon’s smiling faces looking up at me! Our world was a land of discovery and delight! The past 10 years has been the strange and beautiful world of retirement. Like the other parts of my life…there is no manual… It has been wonderful travel and peaceful days of reflection. It has been health scares and lengthy stays in St. Louis. For the past 6 months it has been a pandemic…and I have learned the special grace of home and hearth and love and family.

I was thinking the other day what a miracle we humans are! We are comprised of matter that we can not see with our eyes. Our substance is physical but our composition is ethereal… Life is filled with minor irritations…which when looked back upon are insignificant. The majority of the things that I worried about 10 years ago are now a distant memory.

As I saw many of my friends at the Drive By Birthday Party…I rejoiced at seeing them! There they were walking around and healthy and happy…and I was glad to be privileged to be a part of the event! I thought how connected that we are. All of the artificial walls that we have erected to keep us apart as a human family…will one day evaporate…to reveal that we are all made of he same stuff…and we really are all connected and we are all one…


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