Cool Breeze

Jonathon and I are sitting on the screened in porch enjoying the fall breeze…we noticed that it is chilly! In fact I went back into the house and retrieved a sweater! I feel a little lighter due to receiving a haircut. I skipped it last month…and the gray hair fell on to my lap like goose feathers… I have a wonderful regular barber that I had not seen almost since the first of the year. As usual, she did a wonderful job, considering what she has to work with. However her nose was outside her face mask for the entire process. I nervously secured my mask several times during the shearing! Our next door neighbors have removed all of the chain link fence that surrounds their large yard. They also have cut down several trees that were in the yard and left the stumps at varying heights. The yard has a totally different look.

It seems like we have jumped from winter to fall and forgotten spring and summer. We just put the Christmas Tree away…and is is almost time to get it back out and decorate. Each day in fall is an adventure to me. I love to watch the trees change colors. People like me are called ‘Leaf Peepers’ in Maine…according the Mainers that we spoke with in Bath. There is the exhilarating feeling of the cool and crisp air and my visions of my October 24th birthday! Yes, my birthday is as big of a deal to me as it was when I was 5 years old. I am consistently amazed that I have achieved another lap around the sun…and had another year to relish the goodness of God to me! AMC Theatres, of which I am a charter member of the Stubs Club, a savings program based on ticket purchases and concession stand delights, just sent me an email that I have a free large popcorn and a free large soft drink available to me throughout the month of October…as their gift to me for my birthday! Now you may pooh pooh this gift but it has almost. $20 value. I am sure that I will not reap this birthday present this year as I have not attended a movie at the theatre since the pandemic began.

We find ourselves as active performers in, as the Chinese say, ‘Interesting Times!’ We seek answers and yet we do not always understand how to formulate our questions. Our social distancing and wearing of face masks and increased attention to hygiene is not a short exercise…it is a new normal! We are the people that the next generation will read about in their history books. I have read about the 1917 Spanish flu pandemic and wondered how the people of that horrible time felt? How did they deal with their tremendous losses…how did they adjust their lives to their new normal? How did the German people feel when Hitler, an obscure failed artist, ascend to the ultimate leadership of the German nation. How did it feel when the Jewish people were singled out and marked for abuse and punishment and ghettos and death… Were there many Germans who knew that what Hitler was doing was wrong and who wanted to speak out against the evil that they were witnessing…but they did not want to lose their job or their home…or their lives…

Our time to walk on terra firma is brief…if we live to be 100! We are day players on the stage of humanity. Once we leave this life…the amount of money that we made will be insignificant…the size of our homes will be forgotten as they return to entropy! But, I wonder if the small act of kindness toward another of the human family will be the permanent record of our accomplishments as we walk together back to Jerusalem…

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