Life In The Slow Lane

The temperature dropped to 34 degrees last night. The frost was on the pumpkin this morning…as my mother would often say! MJ and I were looking at a miniature orange pumpkin at Aldi’s market, Saturday. We chose not to purchase the fall symbol of holidays and fun…and then we decided that we needed one after all. So, I went back to Aldi’s today and found only white miniature pumpkins… Now it is on our front porch. Our church had its’ first communal gathering, in 7 months, for communion Sunday. MJ and I participated by Zoom…but we thoroughly admired the intrepid souls who were physically present in 50 degree weather with a brisk wind blowing. As you may have guessed…the service was outside with metal folding chairs in the grass that is just off of our parking lot. Pastor Kerry’s brilliant white hair was blowing in the wind!

Our 2020 pandemic will most certainly come to an end…but not in 2020! Contrary to popular social norms and political beliefs, it is not a respecter of persons or positions. The powerful and those who have no voice…receive its’ recompense…without fear or favor! We humans want to worship an idol made of flesh and bone and blood. It is much easier to find a guru or master or intellectually and emotionally manipulative leader…than to focus our faith on an unseen God… I was bragging on a minister to my aunt Guelda, many years ago, and she wrinkled her nose and pronounced the individual that I was so taken with…as just a man! In my teenage understanding and life experience I thought that she was being much to dismissive…now I know better…

Being behind the scenes is instructive. When Dorothy and the Scarecrow and the Tin Man and the Cowardly Lion saw the Wizard of Oz behind the curtain…they were enlightened! I have been privy to and a witness to the some of the most small minded and manipulative and exploitive machinations of leaders, many at high levels, and I have experienced more than one leader that led their followers according to their, ‘gut instincts,’ with the ensuing results of chaos and ruin to those who faithfully followed them… It pays to slow down and examine what is being told you, in the sheep’s clothing of truth, and discover the wolf…within…

AMC Theatres is enticing me! They have sent me another email informing me that I have a five dollars toward my next movie…and a free large popcorn and a large soft drink…if I partake by the end of October. I love going to the movies! It was and is one of my primary retirement goals! I want to go to the movies…I would like to attend every other day! We have a new movie theatre in our University Mall! I find the movies both relaxing and refreshing and a boost to my morale! But I am hiding from the devastation of the Coronavirus…

My life has slowed in retirement. I used to seek the best and the brightest journey or object of benefit for my family and myself. I sought to make more money and to exceed my wildest expectations for monetary reward! I hoped for increasingly more responsive positions and responsibilities that were commensurate with my abilities… I discovered that it was a fools errand. the Bible tells us to, ‘Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteous and all these other things shall be added unto you.’

I wonder if life is not about the dream of Capitalism…that every blessed person shall be rich…and more about that, ‘Every person shall love they neighbor as thyself…’

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