Enjoy Today!

October is whisking by too quickly! I was taking photos of the lovely leaves on the SIUC campus on Sunday…and when I returned to engage in some additional photography I noticed that the brilliant colors of the leaves and their abundance on the trees had already changed. Usually my birthday week, October 24th, is prime leaf peeping in Southern Illinois…but this year they are exhibiting their colors a bit early!

Our surroundings are changing daily and more often than not we are oblivious to the change. We focus on the minutiae of life and fail to see the big picture. It is easy to ponder about what you do not have…and forget all the blessings that you possess! Have you ever been ill and suddenly your health improved? It seems that the birds sing sweeter and the sun shines more brilliantly on your path! As you look at your reflection in the mirror…do you see the aged countenance that is looking back at you…or do you see the young woman or man that you were?

We humans are living an extraordinary experience that we may not see completely due to our nose to the grindstone philosophy. When I was still working I was often engaged in inspecting the cleanliness of the over 200 buildings that our housekeeping department was responsible for on a daily basis. My habit was to look for dirt where the person who was maintaining the area…did not. Customarily I could find the dust on high flat surfaces, or behind doors, or areas that I had to stoop down to see. So often we are programed, much as the hamster on his wheel, to travel on the same well worn pathway and subsequently believe that this is our world. When in reality there is a universe of possibilities and wonders available for us if we just expose our senses and our minds to their beauty!

Life is fleeting! We believe that we will tear down our barns and build bigger ones…we are ready for the next vacation and holiday and family gathering… We put off until tomorrow the joy of the relationships that we have been given today. If there is a book you want to read…start reading… If there is a holiday that you want to take…start planning… Start pulling things out of your bucket list and enjoy the gift of life!

As much as is humanly possible..do what makes you happy! See the world with fresh eyes every morning. Look for the good in people and forget the bad. Hope for a better tomorrow and work toward that worthy goal!


3 thoughts on “Enjoy Today!

  1. I love this, thank you for the reminder.

    It’s hard to get lost in the daily grind, but luckily I’m learning that I can easily switch between the two mentalities here. Mountains reset me (unfortunately, a trip to the mountains are only reserved for weekends and good weather!)

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