Old Comics for a 63 Year Old Second Childhood…

After my mom and dad divorced I took to accompanying my mother to the grocery store each week…for several years. I liked to help her and to, perhaps, pick-up a savory delight that my young palate craved. I also throughly enjoyed buying a 12 cent comic book. Actually they were a dime when I began but soon went up to the lofty price of 12 cents. I had to ask for the 12 cents…as I began collecting the precious magazines at the age of 5. Mom would tell me that we did not have money to burn and that she did not know if she had 12 cents for a comic book… After some significant cajoling and, at times begging, I was usually able to procure the dime or when they increased in price…the 12 cents. This, for me, was nirvana! I loved watching the actor, George Reeves, portray Superman on our 12 inch black and white TV. He could fly! Superman comics were my favorite! There was a new one each week! I endeavored to buy them all and add them to my increasingly growing collection. As the comic collecting years flew by…I took notice that there was a new type of comic in the wire comic book rack and it was a thicker and had additional adventures or protracted stories. These sold for a quarter. During my first and second and third attempt to lodge a quarter from mom’s grip…I was unsuccessful! But…I kept tying! I have never been a person who takes no for an answer…

Photo by khairul nizam on Pexels.com

Over the years of the 1960’s I branched out to Archie comics and Batman and The Flash…and even Spiderman. Periodically there were comics about my favorite vintage monsters, such as Frankenstein and Dracula and the Creature from the Black Lagoon…and I faithfully gathered them in to my home base. I recall having at least 100 rare, by today’s standards, comics before I moved from home at the tender age of 17. For the next 3 and 1/2 years I became preoccupied with keeping body and soul together and thought little of my prized collection. One day when I was visiting mom she told me that she had taken all of my comics out to the burning barrel and set them ablaze. She reminded me that she had cautioned me on more than one occasion to take them with me if I wanted them… I am certain that my comic book collection…in mint condition…would have been worth thousands of dollars at today’s prices… Instead they were lost to a Fire Sale!

So I have began collecting a few of the old Superman comic books that sold for a dime or 12 cents. Jonathon started me on this habit by giving me an old Spiderman comic. I then purchased a Superman that originally sold for a dime…for $25… But, today I discovered that the Superman editons that sold for 12 cents can be purchased for less than $25…if you are willing to compromise on their physical condition. And so I was in the Comic Book Store this morning…thumbing through vintage 1550’s and 1960’s Superman editons…and I was transported back in time to 1962 and 1963…when neither I nor mom did not really know what would come of us as we embarked on a brave new world…but Superman was there to take care of us…


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