A Cold Rain

It was 48 degrees but it felt like 45. Chet’s mom had insisted that he put on his long underwear before he dressed in Halloween Costume. Chet told her that the Lost In Space Robot costume was very warm…but she was not convinced. So Chet complied with his mom’s wishes and he was just placing his Robot headgear on when he heard Porter’s mom honk her car horn. There in the 1957 Chevrolet convertible was Porter and his mom and Parker. Porter had his yellow slicker on and the yellow rain hood that accompanied it. He had pleaded with his mom that the Creature From the Black Lagoon…would not be wearing a rain slicker and a snap on hood. The Creature lived in the water…for crying out loud! Parker was dressed as Snow White and had an umbrella to ward off the rain. Porter prided himself on his knowledge of the Universal Studios Monsters. After all his cousin Billy had a collection of movie grade masks of; Frankenstein and Dracula and the Wolfman…and of course the Creature From the Black Lagoon…which he had borrowed for the big night! Parker mentioned that at least this was finally the real Halloween and not the dreams that they had experienced after visiting the Haunted House that the hayride took them too! Chet waved his Robot arms and uttered his favorite phrase, ‘That does not compute!’

The Halloween revelers had promised that they would stop by cousin Billy’s house for him to snap some polaroids of them. When they walked up to his door it was standing open and the cold rain was blowing into Billy’s living room. As they walked in a voice uttered forth from the bedroom and announced for them to make themselves at home and that they would be out in a minute… Chet observed that there was apple cider on the dining room table and several cups and a dipper to dip it from the punchbowl. As they sipped the cider out came Frankenstein and Dracula with somber and severe looks. Porter said, ‘Great costumes, Billy!’ The creepy creatures did not respond. Chet observed that the two horror figures that had joined them…were not wearing costumes…they were the real thing…

Mrs. K called the role of the 3rd grade at Hillcrest School. Parker and Porter and Chet…did not answer, ‘Here!’ The local police went to Billy’s house and found it totally empty and without a stick of furniture. Porter’s mom and Billy’s aunt saw a note written in red ink in the corner of the dining room…’We are going to 2020…and we do not know if we will be able to come back…’


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