A Fun Birthday Journey!

After we hung MJ’s New Mexico hand woven rug yesterday, we struck out for a major journey for us, during our 2020 pandemic, St. Louis! In non-covid 19 times…we travel to St. Louis often once per month. We have been enjoying the Gateway to the West for nearly 50 years! But in our social distancing and stay at home coronavirus state…we have been in Carbondale for most of the year. So, it was fun to set out for the big city…even though we did not follow our usual routine. Customarily we would view a movie at the Plaza Frontenac theatre. We all love movies! This year we visited the Kodner Gallery. Kodner has a wonderful selection of fine art! MJ and I saw a Picasso etching that we both liked…quite monetarily distant from our price range. One of the Kodner brothers was our host and he very hospitable and kind. MJ and I had visited the Gallery on 2013. And we enjoyed the experience, this time with Aaron and Jonathon…who are both art connoisseur’s! Then it was on to Cunetto House of Pasta. We have been going to Cunetto for well over 20 years and I have enjoyed most of my birthday dinners there over that time! The make the best Dirty Martini that I have ever had! I have become transfixed with their Tutto Mare! On the way home we enjoyed listening to a game of the World Series.

MJ surprised me with a photo, that a neighbor of ours took of our house at night with a comet over it. The person had been so kind to mention that he had snapped the photo and gave us permission to print one…if we desired. I have never seen our home look so brilliant at night! Of course the comet overhead is a special addition! I had mentioned that I wold like to have a copy to hang one of our walls…but my suggestion did not seem to take root… When I opened the gift of a framed and brilliant photo…I was truly surprised…and that is not easy to say when you are 63! Jonathon gave me a gift of 3 action figures that I had wanted for some time: Joe Biden, Kamal Harris, and Pope Francis…and in case you are wondering…I have a Donald Trump action figure! I love action figures! I had admired a bracelet that Aaron has worn for some time…and I am getting a similar one from him this week! Color me excited! Also, MJ purchased for me a Bronze Remington Bucking Bronco…on her birthday this past February!

I had a great telephone call from my old buddy, Steve, last night. He and I share the same birthday. Although he and Faye live in Indianna…we both were hired at SIUC in the 1970’s. When we talk we reminisce about old times and old adventures! When I see all of the Birthday Wishes on Facebook…I am humbled and supremely grateful to have so many friends who take the time to send their kind words…

A current SIUC member of the staff told Jonathon that she had heard many good things about me…and I was amazed that anyone would even speak of me or remember me…after 10 years…

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