The Hour Grows Near…

As I sit in my customary seat on the writing porch…the evening shadows are falling. The time of year when we watch the warm and pleasant days of summer transform into the cold and introspective days of winter. Thoughts of all that we are thankful for and a more clear view of sugar plums dancing in our heads is growing nearer. As I walked through campus woods this afternoon I noticed that the brilliant colored leaves…were yielding to their date with destiny for 2020. I have noticed throughout my time on our planet that the colder temperatures tend to have a calming effect on the heated passions of we humans. As we withdraw to our dens and warm ourselves around our communal hearth pleasant fire…we ponder where we have been and where we are going…

Leaders and watching them ply their craft has been a keen interest of mine since I was a child. I have witnessed the most captivating of speakers enrapture their listeners until the listener forgot who they were and took on the personality of the loquacious leader! I have been fascinated with the study of the cult called NEXIVM and it’s founder, Keith Raniere. I was amazed, just now, when I looked up the spelling of his name that he is 60 years old. NEXIVM began as a multi level marketing company and became a cult. I watched the HBO series called, The Vow, and when that was completed there was yet another television series regarding the cult called, SEDUCED: INSIDE THE NXIVM CULT, on the Stars television channel. Rather than having a lot of overlap both series reveal more about the persuasion of this cult leader and the terrible things that he convinced his followers to undergo. These things would include total obedience for ‘slaves’ to their ‘masters’, sex trafficking and pedophilia being talked about openly by Mr. Raniere. It boggles the mind how this nondescript man could convince educated and upwardly mobile individuals to buy into what he was selling. Much of the persuasion took place in a closed environment where what the leader was selling was consumed by the the followers…with little competing information was being allowed to enter into the community.

We can be fooled more easily that we would like to admit! So, now we are on the eve of a presidential election. It is vital that everyone votes and that all votes are counted. We are not a homogenous nation…we are a melting pot…and we are the envy of the world for our acceptance of all peoples. Let us count every vote from all political parties! We must love rather than hate… Any of us that believes that we have all of the answers…we are engaged in a fools errand… I have many friends that are of a different political persuasion than I am…I love them! I never take what I am told at face value…I examine it…I think about it from a critical perspective. I have lived my life by the axiom…’To thine own self be true!’

Neither ministers nor academics nor political leaders posses carte blanche with my mind… I have found peace in the openness of my soul to many voices. many opinions…love for all humanity… I grew up around closed thinking individuals who accepted the candid opine of minister and friends and family who had not traveled further than the midwest and who espoused the creed of their tribe. It is a self-satisfying exercise but not a seeking of truth… Any dogma that marginalizes of minimizes the common humanity of my brothers and sisters…is is anathema to me!

Tomorrow will bring us the will of the people…and I do not know what that will be…but it will be in the spirit and the letter of what our founding fathers desired for our citizenry to engage in…

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