The Adventures of Thomas Turkey

Thomas enjoyed his lackadaisical life on the Hill in St.Louis. His wife Abigail had requested that he speak with Fred to ascertain what he and his wife, Maudie, were planning on for Thanksgiving dinner. Abigail wanted to invite Fred and Maudie to their house for the holiday feast! She was especially fond of Maudie who she had cocktails with every afternoon. Abigail’s favorite was a Manhattan and Maudie preferred the Dirty Martini. They had been enjoying their ‘Cocktail Hour’ for many years. Often they met at Cunetto’s House of Pasta that is located just a block away from their side by side homes that were located on the Hill…in St. Louis. Maudie and Abigail enjoyed solving the problems of the world during the ‘Cocktail Hour, that often lasted two hours or more…depending on the quality of the lively conversation and the strength of the drinks! Thomas enjoyed his own ‘Cocktail Hour’ and he usually spent the time of rest and reflection on his screened in porch with his black Labrador, Parker. Thomas was a vodka fan and he rotated between vodka tonics and Dirty Martini’s. Fred was a teetotaler. Fred drank coffee throughout the day and for a change he drank sweet tea…in the evening. Fred did, however, enjoy his plethora of pipes! Fred had quite a collection! When Fred was smoking one of his pipes…all was right with the world…

With all of the fellowship and shared experiences that the two couples had enjoyed for many years, they had not spent Thanksgiving together. Fred and Thomas did relish many games of chess over their friendship. They had watched the Netflix series, The Queen’s Gambit, and subsequently purchased several Chess books, each. Thomas and Fred did enjoy talking politics. Fred was a Republican and Thomas was a life long Democrat. The prolonged Presidential Election had been an obsession of both. But, now, it was time for the holiday season! It was time to regroup and reset and enjoy the company of good friends!

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Maudie was overjoyed when she received the invitation from Abigail to come to their house for Thanksgiving! She began to cook her famous oyster dressing! Also, she baked a pecan pie and a pumpkin pie… Abigail was busily concerned with ensuring that her and Thomas house was spotless and that she had an adequate supply of Grey Goose Vodka, Maudie and Fred’s favorite, and the necessary olive juice and dry vermouth…as well as red wine. She announced to Fred that he was in charge of the meat… Fred responded that he knew a guy who had prepared the most delicious smoked Venison! Maudie considered that the Venison would be a nice change and that that she had tried some deer sausage once…and had enjoyed it!. Fred remarked that he would have to drive to Southern Illinois to Pankneyville to obtain the smoked delight…as the chef had a particular skill in preparing the marvelous Venison…

Abigail asked her friend Maudie if she or Fred had any food allergies and was relived that they did not. She noted that she was planing on ordering a family serving of Cunetto’s famous Lasagna. Maudie laughed with delight when she considered the culinary delights that awaited her! Thomas reflected on the enduring friendship that he and Fred and Maudie and Abigail had enjoyed for the past 20 years. They had learned to look over each others differences and peccadilloes. They had decided. long ago, that their friendship was much more important than political or religious differences.

Macy’s Day Parade in New York had arrived! There was Santa Claus bringing up the rear of the Parade…in all of his festive glory! The door bell chimed…and there was Fred and Maudie bearing many plates of food and savory deserts and exhibiting smiles a mile long… Fred had travelled, on Wednesday to Pankneville to pick up the smoked Venison. He had gone by the home of his youth in Eldorado, Illinois and been saddened to see the disrepair that it had fallen into… In any case the smoked meat had smelled delicious if a bit…pungent… Thomas and Abigail had looked forward to this day…for some time! They relished being accepted by Maudie and Fred and the natural and comfortable friendship that they had enjoyed for many years. Now, it was time for the Thanksgiving dinner… Abigail unveiled the oyster dressing and the Broccoli Casserole and the Cunetto’s Lasagna! Fred removed the aluminum foil from the much awaited for…smoked Venison…and all were aghast… On the serving plate was smoked turkey…and no words were uttered!

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Cigars and martinis and sweet tea…is the order of the day…Thomas announced with the confidence of love and understanding of your friend…demands… Soon talk of a Black Friday trip to St. Charles, Missouri ensued! Both couples thoroughly enjoy the Mainstreet Bookstore and Jansen’s Clock Shop and the Christmas Characters of Mr. Scrooge and Tiny Tim…and the abundance of…St. Nicholas and Pierre Noel…Kris Kringle… and Santa Claus…and the Christmas Parade….warmed the celebration… Pipes were ordered…and Dirty Martinis…and Dry Manhattans…and red wine and cigars for this who desired them… All was right with the world…and the holiday…was kept…

Fred exclaimed…please make me a Grey Goose…Dirty Martini!

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