Cold Friday!

The Writing Porch looked inviting…but it is cold! It is currently 48 degrees but it feels like 46. Now…I have always attested to enjoying the cold…but I was younger then… than I am. now… What has dawned on me is that two weeks from now…Thanksgiving will be over. I think that it is about time to put up the Christmas Tree! MJ tells me that we already have much of our Christmas gifts purchased and that the target week for O’ Tannenbaum is next week!

Aaron’s birthday is Monday…but the celebration begins tomorrow! Birthdays in the Brooks Clan are of extreme importance! Aaron and I have a love for scary movies. When I see a good one come along, I tell my movie buddy, and he is always ready for the viewing! Speaking of movies…the favorite Christmas movie for our family is Christmas Vacation. We watch it with the passion of both knowing every word of dialogue and yet being surprised by the laughs that still. ensue at each screening!

Holiday Season brings us all a much needed reprise from what has been a grim year. We need the happiness and joy that our traditions bring us. MJ has ordered us an Advent Wreath for our Zoom church services. We began attending First Presbyterian Church in Carbondale at this time of year…22 years ago. During the first few weeks I was amazed at the work and thought and passion that was put into the Church’s observance of the Advent season. This was right down my alley…Christmas has been my primary passion since I was a child. One of my first Christmas memories is of the massive, at least in my eyes…’ Christmas Tree at our Chicago Home. In those days mom and dad were still together…and there was Laughing Santa! LS was a little Santa with a big laugh! He had a crank on his back that when you turned it he cackled uproariously! During those young days of my life…he was Santa to me…

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Kerry, our pastor, has a joviality that is refreshing! He reminds me of my friend of many years, Bill V. Each time that I speak with Bill he is not only upbeat…but his sunny attitude is infections! You may ask, does Bill feel good and in high spirits each day…, I am sure that he does not! What Bill has done since I have known him is to endeavor to make the person that he is with…feel better… The same can be said of Pastor Kerry who is constantly working at injecting some sunshine in the lives of those with whom he interacts!

Christmas Trees and Advent Wreaths and Sunshine to melt away the shadows is the order of our day…I think! Thank goodness of Zoom and other virtual methods of gathering together! Prior to our 2020 pandemic we were worried about each other spending more screen time than we should or that was healthy for our social development…that concern is placed on hold until we are on the other side of the virus…

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