Thanksgiving At Grandma’s House

The smell of roasted turkey wafted through Porter’s bedroom. It did not have far to travel as it was not far from the kitchen. Porter relished not having to attend school for not only Thanksgiving but the Friday after! He and Chet had been talking of little else for the last two weeks. Chet was going to join him and his family this year along with Porter’s other buddy Steve. Porter knew that the day after Thanksgiving…they erected the aluminum Christmas Tree! But, first things first…he must watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade! There really was nothing to compare with the majesty of the humongous floats of all of his favorite cartoon characters! There was Snoopy and Charlie Brown along with Dudley Do Right and Bullwinkle and Rocky the Flying Squirrel! Porter’s mom along with cooking the turkey had made her famous coffee cake. Now the coffee cake was not only a work of art but a culinary delight! It was manufactured, by Neva’s hands, in long rows of delectable flour and confections with different jellies and marmalades placed in the middle. Just the smell of it made Porter reminisce regarding Christmases past… Finally came Santa Claus bringing up the end of the Parade! Porter was dreaming of the Big Swinger Camera that he had asked for as a gift for Christmas.

Chet was at their back door. He was clad in what we called a Russian cap that had fur on the front of it and ear flaps that could be unbuckled at the top of the hat and then re-buckled under his chin to provide instant ear muffs. It was a cold Thanksgiving! He also had on woolen mittens and his cheeks were rosy red! Chet brought with him a gift for Porter’s grandma… of Thanksgiving poems. Neva called out to Porter and Chet, ‘Would you boys like a shot glass of Balloon Wine?’ Dear reader, you must understand that Porter and his mom, Neva, made Balloon Wine…and they were very proud of it! Both boys answered with a hearty…yes! Neva told Chet and Porter that it was just about time to leave for Grandma’s house as they were going to eat at noon. So, Chet began to don his warm clothes again and Porter put on his blue sock hat.

Grandma Grace greeted Neva and the boys with a hug and a kiss! She announced that they had homemade fudge and divinity and all manner of candies along with sundry cakes and pies and nuts and fruits! There was aunt Wanda and Guelda and Vema and cousins Billy and Brenda. All were smiling and speaking at once with their mouths full… There was ham and roast beef and lamb…along with oyster dressing and broccoli casserole and mashed potatoes. In the corner of the dining room was Santa Claus… He was clad in a red suit with a fluffy white beard and he certainly filled out the physical dimensions of the jolly old elf! Upon further investigation Porter and Chet discovered that it was Porter’s uncle Ed…who was a portly fellow and he was wearing a costume and mask provided him by cousin Billy! As all assembled sat down to partake in the holiday feast…Grandma Grace asked Chet to say the blessing… Chet removed bis glasses and bowed his head and uttered the memorable words, ‘Good gravy good meat…good God….Let’s eat!’ Suddenly there was a knock at the door and Porter arose to answer as his elders were busily consuming from the Horn of Plenty! As he opened the door he noticed that it had begun to snow…heavily. On the front lawn was a sleigh and reindeer and at the door was Elvira the Elf. Elvira told Porter that she had been asked by St. Nicholas to come to his Grandma’s house and to retrieve both he and his friends Chet and Steve…to return with her to the North Pole…as they were desperately needed! Steve and Chet were up for the adventure but Porter said that he must ask his mom. He called Neva to the door and whispered to her that he and Steve and Chet had been summoned to the North Pole by St. Nicholas and did she mind if he went to see what was up? Neva resounded that not only did she not mind but that she would like to accompany them…if that was alright? Elvira exclaimed that not only was it alright but that at this time of year they needed every hand on deck!

Elvira asked where Parker was? Porter respond that she was having Thanksgiving dinner with her family. Elvira said that this simply will not suffice…St. Nicholas had specifically requested that Parker be a part of the Eldorado Contingent to the North Pole! Chet exclaimed that he knew where she lived…and the reindeer took off for the Eldorado address… When Elvira the Elf rang the doorbell of Parker’s house…Parker came to the door. Parker saw the sleigh and the reindeer and the Elf standing before her. Elvira told her that St. Nicholas needed her…as Christmas was in danger of not happening without her help…Parker followed Elvira to the awaiting sled…


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