Santa’s Dilema

Parker asked Elvira, the elf, if she could turn up the heat in the North Pole castle, as she was cold. Elvira left and returned with a 3 electric space heaters… Elvira told the group that the Geo Thermal heating system for the massive dwelling was broken and that they did not have the money to fix it. Santa looked up from his hot chocolate and remarked that they would have been fine financially until the closing of their Pasta House and Grand Hotel due to the Pandemic…’Yes the 2020 pandemic was felt all over the world and that included the North Pole,’ CC chimed in! Chet asked Santa if he realized that the operation of multiple space heaters would cost him much more than the Geo Thermal furnace? Santa answered that he had considered that and that he was counting on the second stimulus check to aid in the Geo’s repair…but when the government did not come through with the desperate needed assistance…he had no choice but to rely on alternate heating. CC told Chet that they had continued to pay their laid off staff of elves…until they had no money left!

Porter announced, ‘Let’s get to work!’ Neva began working on the ceramic tile tables where she glued various sizes of tile on finely crafted wooden tables. Parker started working on the Doll assembly line where she fastened the heads and arms and legs onto the doll bodies. Chet and Steve began assembling wooden toy trucks and spinning tops… Porter commenced placing the laughing box inside the Laughing Santa figures and then adding stuffing and attaching the crank. Elvira heard a knock at the door.

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Horatio and Helen were grinning with smile that were similar to Alice In Wonderlands…Cheshire Cat! Elvira exclaimed, ‘I thought you guys had taken off for Florida?’ Helen answered, ‘We did make it as far as Destin…but we could not leave Santa and CC in the lurch.’ We are here to help…and want no pay…’It is for the Children!’ Elvira peered into the frosty darkness and asked if there was someone else in the shadows? Out walked Jasper and Janice and Elmer and Elena…and hundreds more laid off elves! Santa proclaimed that he must find his red suit and that he was glad that he had not trimmed his beard… CC brought out fried baloney sandwiches…with mustard and Charles Potato Chips…and RC Cola to drink. For desert they enjoyed Holiday Oreo Cookies…

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Michelangelo began to distribute face masks that each had emblazoned on their front, ‘I love Santa’ or ‘Please Do Not Feed Rudolph Beans!’ Elvira told Porter that Neva’s handcrafted ceramic tile table were being requested like hot cakes… Suddenly the furnace repair man drove up. He told Santa that all that he needed was a new furnace filter…and that there would be no charge… Steve mentioned that the repairman was a friend of a friend…

Soon there was the sound of 20 hooves landing on the roof. It was the five missing reindeer that had left to look for work. When CC asked them why they had returned…they answered in unison…”It is Christmas!’ Elvira turned off the space heaters. All of a sudden…’Rocking Around The Christmas Tree’ began to play throughout the building. Santa and CC began to dance!

Billionaires Bill Gates and Warren Buffett walked in and whispered to Santa that they were going to donate 20 thousand dollars to every out of work person that was on their route..and that they wanted to remain anonymous…’Just tell the them it is from…Santa Claus…’

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