The Abduction of Christmas!

Two weeks before Christmas had finally arrived! Parker woke up to her dreams of the numerous colorfully wrapped gifts that were under her Christmas tree. It was a nine foot live fir tree and she and her father and brother and sister had hiked into the woods to cut it down and drag it to their staton wagon and tie it on top of the car and divert the ropes through the open windows for additional security. There was six feet of snow and it had been a laborious trek to the tree! They had placed it in their large living room and still had to saw the top off of it to fit it under the the roof. Parker had planned on a rendezvous with Porter and Chet to facilitate their mission from Santa Claus and his wife, CC, to endeavor to raise the holiday spirits of their little town… Chet had mentioned that the 14 foot tall and 3 dimensional Santa Claus that customarily stood in front of the bank was suspiciously absent and that this missing Santa icon had never been absent 2 weeks before Christmas! Porter said, ‘I was with my mom earlier and as we drove through Eldorado…there were no Christmas decorations!’ Now Eldorado had some lovely holiday regalia! There were customarily brilliant city decorations that were fastened to light posts at both sides of the Main Street and stretched across the avenue. Now…there were none…

Parker remembered that in class today the bulletin boards in their 3rd grade classroom had been stripped bare of their Christmas Crafts that they had lovingly decorated them with! Chet said in a somber and deep voice, ‘Someone is attempting to abduct Christmas…’ ‘Well…I am sure that the Christmas movie at the Orpheum Theatre will run as normal and I saw the Lion’s Club park their vans near the front entrance…with the Christmas Baskets for all of us kids!’

Saturday morning arrived and Parker and Porter and Chet made their way to the 9:00 AM showing of Charles Dickens famous holiday novel…’A Christmas Carol.’ The Theatre was full and all of Eldorado’s youth who were craning their necks to see where the Christmas Baskets were being staged for delivery immediately after the movie. The lights were dimmed and the movie began…’Frankenstein!’ Parker proclaimed, ‘Something is terribly wrong!’ As the kids sat through Frankenstein…as it was a Halloween favorite…they anticipated the precious Christmas Baskets that would be full and brimming over with Christmas candy and nuts and fruit and a Superman Soakie or a Barbie Doll… As they filed out into the lobby…there were men in rough clothes with no smiles on their faces and their hats had emblazoned on them…Liars Club! They handed a course cloth bag with one word affixed to the material…Coal… When they looked in disbelief they noticed that John…the proprietor of the Orpheum and his wife, Delores, who took the ticket money and handed each person a ticket, were laughing hysterically…and their eyes were maniac and cruel…

Chet said, ‘We must go back to the North Pole and ask Santa what we should do to fight this terrible populist wrong…’ And with Chet’s proclamation…the three of them were back at Santa’s workshop! Santa invited the forlorn children to sit down and had Elvira the elf to bring them some hot chocolate with marshmallows. He told them that what they had experienced in Eldorado was happening all over the world. People had lost hope…and hope was what Christmas was created from. Their political leaders and many of their religious leaders had told the people lies that were designed to enrich them…with little or no thought as to what the lies would do to the poor people who placed their trust in the wolves in sheep clothing. Suddenly the old ways, that the majority of humanity believed were the best ways…were being discarded for the words of Con men and women! The ideas that build the United States America were now thought to be shop-worn and archaic. The precepts of compromise for the betterment of all…which the Constitution was founded upon…were considered weak and ineffectual…power equaled strength for the privileged and the weak…were losers… CC spoke up, ‘You see Parker and Porter and Chet…Santa and I really need you to restore confidence in the hope and unity of humanity…without that…we are all lost and the best of us…will disappear!’

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