A Lie Is A Deadly Weapon

It feels especially cold today. As I engaged in a small walk through campus woods I felt the winter winds cut me like a knife. My Christmas ornaments are gone. However the bare winter trees are lovely in their seasonal spidery structure that reaches toward the grey sky. This week has whisked by and has been a difficult one for our nation and for our family. Brody our 16 year and 8 months and 3 day old Boston Terrier died on Monday. Jamie, Jonathon’s Leopard Gecko, who was over 24 years old died on Wednesday. Later Wednesday our Nations Capitol was rushed by insurrectionist who actively engaged in an attempted coup and the thwarting of our democratic free and fare election.

Over my 31 years as a supervisor and manager/administrator at Southern Illinois University @ Carbondale I discovered that lies travel rapidly while truth is often doubted and examined incessantly before being accepted by others. It takes years to develop a good reputation that can be destroyed by a single lie. Mark Twain said, ‘A lie will fly around the whole world while the truth is getting its boots on.’

Insurrection that is based on a lie…is a tragedy. Some of the insurrectionist were wearing, ‘Camp Auschwitz’ and ‘Six Million Was Not Enough’ Tee shirts. Five people are now dead as a result of the Capture of the Capitol. The coup volunteers were proud of what they had accomplished. They took thousands of selfies. One man smiled broadly as he sat in the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi’s chair and when he left he displayed for the cameras mail that he had stolen from her office. Another member of the president’s coup project grinned as he had under his arm the Speaker of the House’s podium. Yet another member of the treasonous mob sat in the Senate Chair of the President of the Senate…that had been occupied a few minutes prior by the Vice President of the United States. He wore horns on his head…and seemed at home in his capture of the Capitol and the fulfilling of the mission that the president had set him and others by his speech earlier that day.

Coddling of a plethora of lies has resulted in a precipice that our country in tottering on that leads to a very dark valley… Those that support sedition are often the first to suffer at the mercurial whims of the dictator and strongman and fascist that they supported to his ascendancy.

Appeasement does not placate a Cult Leader. It is impossible to genuflect enough to please every quickly changing emotion and manic whim of the precious leader. The most profound trick to pledging fealty to an all powerful leader is that rather than your freedom of thought and actin and deed…you have committed to the prison of performing the lies and conspiracy beliefs of your all too human…sick lord and master…


2 thoughts on “A Lie Is A Deadly Weapon

  1. The front pages of the national (English) newspapers have appeared on my television screen (Sky News, sound muted). We see much lampooning of the American and remember he is still the President of The United States of America. Whatever we think about Trump, he did pole a record number of votes in the race to the Whitehouse, even more than Obama in his day.

    I have done a lot of door-knocking in my day, and one thing you learn fast is that you will not persuade anyone to your argument by telling them they are wrong.

    Sad that this man has managed to split the nation, It will take a great leader now to heal the wounds of the past four years. We can only hope Biden is that man, (I’m pinning my hopes on his running mate, she could make history).

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