A Peaceful Mind

It is 52 degrees today and a climate for a pleasant walk. The beauty of winter was exhibited on the campus of Southern Illinois University @ Carbondale. I love the appearance of winter trees reaching their spidery arms towards the sky. In our neck of the woods the Covid19 vaccine is not being offered to everyone that is 65 or older…that is good news! Our campus is on break and the stillness and pristine solemnity of the winter landscape is inspiring.

Photo by Simon Matzinger on Pexels.com

Focus is fantastic! The President Elect seems to be laser focused on addressing the pandemic crisis that has engulfed our nation. This includes the vital economic assistance that is so desperately needed for the millions of displaced staff and small businesses who have been devastated by this virulent virus. Focus is cathartic for a restless mind. The more we are torn between the things that we can not change and those that we can…is tearing us apart. So often our belief in a cause that is ensconced in a big lie is a handy method of avoiding the dark problems of our own lives.

Better days are ahead of us. We have experienced many dark and depressing days…but the scripture tells us that ‘Weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning.’ Or, as King Solomon told us, ‘The flowers appear on the earth; the time of the singing of birds is come, and the voice of the turtle is heard in our land.’

Prayer or meditation is a great enhancer of a peaceful mind. Both bring a centering of mind and soul. Modern life exposes us to a variety of stimulus that is often overwhelming. The demands of our work place and our family and our social circles or faith community causes us to feel like the person that has bills at the end of the month and not enough money to pay them. Often we choose to put all of the debt notices in our top hat and pull out one at a time until the money runs out.

Peace comes from clear goals and keeping our train on the track. There are many sidetracks in life. I will never forget the young man who visited our little church when I was a lad. In those halcyon days it was my custom to spend the weekend in Elkville, Illinois. I rode the Gulf Transport from my home in Eldorado to Carbondale, where someone from our church would come to pick me up and take me to Elkville. I customarily slept just off the sanctuary in a sleeping bag and one Saturday night the pastor had taken in a young man who was traveling across the country. He was a friendly fellow and the next morning he asked me if I would consider being his disciple as he was going to start his own church. Life is full of decisions…but I was not enticed. He seemed convinced of his track in life…but it was not mine. So there are many detours and alternate routes in our lives and it pays to have a vision of who your are and where you are going.

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