Snow and Ice for Little Egypt

MJ and I have been back to Subaru in Marion, Illinois. We purchased a Forester before Christmas and we needed a refresher course on the plethora of buttons and screens The vehicle is dominated by computer technology. A few days ago we noticed that it seemed to pull from time to time and determined that we would mention the malady to our salesman when we returned for our refresher course. To our pleasant surprise Alex, of Subaru, told us that the pulling was the SUV’s attempt to bring us back to the center of our lane when we strayed to far toward the edge. Who knew? After we left to visit Sam’s…I asked MJ what button we needed to push to return one of our screens to the time and weather report. She pushed two or three buttons with no appreciable result. When she inquired as to whether I wanted to rerun to Alex at Subaru to have him tell us the appropriate button again…I said no way…

The weather report is foreboding for our neck of the woods. It is 3:22 P:M: pm on Monday in Illinois. The forecast is for snow and freezing rain through the night…with a return to inclement weather Tuesday evening until Thursday. A fellow blogger asked me what happened to America as it once seemed like the land of milk and honey…while now it appears that there is a terrible gap between the rich and the poor. Both opinions are valid and yet do not explain the division that has been in our country since its inception and has been magnified over the past few years. The milk and honey has never been easily accessible for all Americans…especially people of color. Indeed during the halcyon days of the 1950’s the African American community could not eat at lunch counters or sit with whites in a movie theater of drink out of the same water fountain as whites. Jim Crow laws controlled much of the squelching of civil rights throughout our nation.

I am sure that my friend watched the storming of our Capitol on January 6th. This insurrection created a bizarre and frightening and Twilight Zone announcement of our political division for the world to read in their morning papers and watch on their local news. When my friend asked me what happened I thought his question was timely and well put. Lies have been grasped by millions of Americans as their truth. Our friends and neighbors have determined that the lies that they have heard from their political leaders fit their situation in life and their observance of American life throughout the kaleidoscope that they view the world through. Many have adopted an alternative reality as their preferred reality…and the outgrowth of that radical philosophy has birthed a caustic and deadly atmosphere. So the United States is attempting to recover from the mistake of coddling radical and divisive and ‘Kook Theories’ that lead to destruction and sorry and death.

Our new President is preparing to produce a 1.9 trillion dollar relief for the Americans who have been left behind during the extreme depravation of our 2020/2021 Pandemic. Money for thousands of small businesses who have been forced to close due to the vagaries of a virus that has taken well over 400 hundred thousand American lives. Relief for those who have been cast out of their homes or rental properties or who are food insecure. American is a great as is her outreach to those who have no voice and no advocate. The people of the United States are as good as the Emma Lazarus quote on the Statue of Liberty, ‘Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.’

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