A Light Bulb Victory

It is very slick outside. Everything is covered with a sheet of ice. Our Black Lab slipped and slides across the front yard looking for a proper place for a morning constitutional. Southern Illinois University @ Carbondale has closed for the day due to the inclement weather. This is something that rarely occurs. Since I am of necessity sheltering at home….I am enjoying home more and more. I jumped into my first hour of House Walk…and feel better for it. The projected high in our temperature for today is 27 degrees and then it slips to 23 degrees for Friday and 16 for Saturday and 12 for Sunday…with a high of 10 degrees is forecast for Monday… and more snow. So, we that often brag and boast that winter was a non-event in Little Egypt…are eating our words this February. I reflect, with some humor, at MJ and my plans of several years ago of moving to a more northerly climate…as we enjoyed winter and cold… Today Florida looks increasingly desirable!

So, today Jonathon and I tackled the, ‘Bear in the Woods,’ that is the herculean task of changing the light bulb that is above the sink in our kitchen. The last time we changed it we encountered difficulties that we could not have imagined. The light fixture has a glass globe and is affixed to a metal holder that is fastened to the ceiling. Last time the metal holder of the light fixture came loose from the ceiling and it seemed impossible to re-attach. The burned out light bulb held on for dear life to the light socket that it was screwed into. At one point the bare bulb and it’s corresponding electrical wires were hanging freely and boldly…with no apparent solution to fix this very minor issue… Have you ever been a participant in what you believed was a routine home repair and it subsequently became the home repair from Hell? That was Jonathon and my experience the last time we dealt with the light fixture that is above the sink in our kitchen. Today was different. Jonathon brought in the stepladder from our garage and I climbed up the steps to face what I knew would be a job that I would ultimately have to call in an electrician to solve. I first took the glass decorative cover off of the light bulb and then unscrewed the burned out bulb and replaced it with a fresh new one. Then I affixed the glass cover to the light fixture and screwed in the set screws that are along the edge the decorative cover…and it was done…in about 10 minutes! When you are 63 years old…you take your victories where you find them…

Thus are the plethora of problems that confront us. There are some that are difficult and time consuming and that require deep contemplation and study. There are other problems that only require our determination to confront them and vanquish them…

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