Goodbye Parker…Our Friend

Today is Parker’s last. Her health has progressively declined since her boyfriend, Brody, died at the first of January. Twelve years ago I noticed St. Francis Animal Care as they brought many of their clients to a pet food store in our town. I saw a collie and told MJ that perhaps we should consider a third dog for the Brooks family. This was a few months prior to December of that year…and during the movie, Avatar, that Jonathon and I were viewing in the Mall AMC Theatre…MJ telephoned me and said that she had her eye on a Black Labrador pup who had been thrown out of a automobile in Gulley Park and had her jaw broken and had to have it reset and three teeth removed. I enthusiastically responded that she should pay the adoption fees and we would add her to our two Boston Terrier Pups.

Parker was a small bundle of black soft fur and razor sharp tiny teeth. From our first day with her she had health problems.

During her first year of life I woke MJ up in the middle of the night and said that if she wanted to see Parker alive she had better arise as I sincerely felt that she was dying. We telephoned an emergency number we had in Cape Girardeau, Missouri and were prepared to drive her there when suddenly she stopped vomiting and defecating and took a little nourishment and subsequently nodded off to sleep. On another occasion we were on an Alaskan Cruise and received a telephone call from our Vet telling us that Parker might not make it. Thankfully she survived although Dr. Kane told us that they almost lost her twice.

Parker has had two major surgeries for cancer and none was found. She is a sweet girl and loves to please her human family… She loves to bark…and takes great pleasure in the practice! She and I have spent a lot of quality time together as we are both awake much of the night. Of late… cancer has finally taken it’s toll and she has ceased to bark at the neighbors or dogs or anything that she can observe from her front window. She loves Duck Hearts and Granola and her momie… She has been a friend and a confidant and someone who is always glad to greet any of us. She wants to kiss us…but we know where that tongue has been…


4 thoughts on “Goodbye Parker…Our Friend

  1. We have had dogs in the family all my life, but the one I miss most was little TIM a small Yorkshire terrier, that died only a few years ago. towards the end of his life, he had to have monthly injections and tablets every day, then cataracts in his eyes, eventually my sister told me to stop being cruel to the dog and have him put down. It was the hardest thing I have had to do in my life. He has been my companion for 14 years. I have thought about another dog in my life, but I’m too old now. it would not be fair for a dog to be left on its own. so I can associate with you, a dog really is for life not just fro Christmas.

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