A Positive Attitude In A Negative World

It is another, ‘beautiful day in the neighborhood,’ if you choose to see it. The temperature is in the 60’s with a soft spring breeze and the sun is shinning. I have experienced that life’s road affords us all… high mountain experiences…and the low valley disappointments. A blogging friend noted that he admired my positive outlooks in the blogs that I write. I write those blogs having experienced some low, valley, moments in my life. But…I made the conscious decision to focus on the positives of life…when I was still a child. It became clear to me, early on in my life, that bad things happen to us all…or bad things happen to good people. This life does not promise that life will be a, ‘Bowl of Cherries.’ As the popular author of the book entitled, ‘If Life Is A Bowl of Cherries…Why Am I Always In The Pits,’ by Erma Bombeck.’ Sadness and strife and worry and loss is waiting around the corner…for all of us. None of us are exempt. We all receive our share…and some of us feel that we receive the lions share…

But there is a rainbow at the end of the storm. Each of us receive the extension of God’s love for us if we have eyes to see it. Many years ago I was terminated from a custodial service that I worked approximately 16 to 18 hours per day for. Shortly thereafter I was hired by Southern Illinois University @ Carbondale where I ultimately became the Superintendent of the department for the last 13 years of my career.

Hunger is a motivating factor. I have experienced hunger. For many years…hunger has not been a concern for me or my family. At one time I walked everywhere that I needed to go…while my friends passed me by in new automobiles. Now MJ and I own a new Subaru, Forester and travel to Europe when we desire a holiday on the fascinating continent.

My dear friend, Jeff, lived as a homeless child on the streets of Chicago, Illinois. Now his is independently wealthy and has a business in the United Kingdom and our family have visited he and Margo on several occasions.

Our 2020/2021 Pandemic has illustrated to us that nothing can be taken for granted. We have been accosted with a devastating viral illness that has taken untold lives. We are living in, thus far, a once in a generation Pandemic. Our current time and environment shall be written about in history books for the next 100 years or more. It is impossible to asses if more Pandemics are on the way…that is indeed the case…sooner or later. But, through the morass of challenges and hurdles and valleys and rocky roads…there is the bright light of hope and opportunity and positive and progressive life for each of us as we make our way through this terrible and wonderful…drama of life…as we negotiate the rocks and shoals of landing our ship on to the shore of happiness and opportunity and fullness of the life that God has given us…


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